Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Emerging Stories [and Rumours]

We have received information that tens of armed men arrived in little trucks accompanied by motorbikes to the sit-in outside the Grand Serail,”

"Voice of Lebanon radio said Hizbullah members were dressed up in police uniforms and penetrating districts of Beirut controlled by their rivals of the Mustaqbal movement."

"[Hezbollah] said it would give the government 48 hours to revoke the recent cabinet decisions, or else the street violence would escalate further."

"Qabbani said the Qolayat airport was ready to assume full function within 24 hours and only needed security forces and a tax official,"


  1. Now that last one strikes me as being particularly idiotic! We don't need a second airport! What we need is the government and the state to impose its will on our current international airport and prevent it from being hijacked by the thugs trying to run away with the country [towards Syria and Iran].

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    The Shiite death squads of the Lebanese branch of the mehdi militia aka Hezbollah just took over large parts of Beirut and are kidnapping people and torturing them before delivering them to the Lebanese army which is proving to be nothing more than a joke

  3. Jimmy7:13 PM

    Do you have any links or sources anon?

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Sunni death squads are roaming the streets fighting the Shiite death squads in the showdown of the century!!!

  5. BJ,
    I am for a second airport, but only to alleviate traffic on Beirut airport.
    With all that is taking place today still M14 talk about Michel Suleiman for president. I say screw them all. Hizbollah should be banned, Hassan tried for high treason. The army should reopen all roads by force if need be.
    This is only the beginning of the creation of "dawlet al fakih". Nip it in the bud I say; today, for tomorrow might be too late.

  6. Bad Vilbel10:15 PM

    "Nip it in the bud" was 2 years ago. But yeah, this needs to be addressed right fucking yesterday.

    The government needs to declare martial law right freaking now. Shoot people on sight if you have to.

    The army is a fucking joke. Why is the government not responding?

  7. Lebanon doesn't look like a functioning country from far away. It looks like yet-another country that has been destroyed by Palestinian nutjobs, like the occupied territories, like Israel.

    The Egyptians were very lucky to be rid of theirs. "Losing" gaza is like losing a 2 lb tumor!

  8. Anonymous4:25 AM

    damn, why now.. 2 years ago i went to lebanon and a weeks later the aiport gets bombed and all that stuff, luckily canada sent a boat but now im suppose to be going on may 14th and now this happens a week before i leave.. i hope things clear up..

  9. Anonymous3:14 AM

    the reason the army cant do anythng about it is because the two groups praticly make up the army and if they figt the whole army will be ripped apart


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