Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Doha Agreement + Electoral Districts

Doha Agreement:
  1. Call for the election of General Michel Sleiman as President of the Republic within 24 hours.

  2. Following the constitutional dissolution of the government due to the election of a President, a cabinet will be formed including 16 seats for the parliamentary majority, 11 for the minority and 3 for the president. This government will also commit itself not to resign [before the next Parliamentary election].

  3. The agreement also calls for the adoption of the 1960 electoral law and the division of Beirut into three electoral districts.
National Electoral Divisions:
  1. Akkar [District]
  2. Tripoli [City] + Mina [Municipality] + Qalamoun [Town]
  3. Minya Donieh [Caza]
  4. Bsharreh [Caza]
  5. Zogharta [Caza]
  6. Koura [Caza]
  7. Batroun [Caza]
  8. Chouf [Caza]
  9. Aley [Caza]
  10. Baabda [Caza]
  11. Metn [Caza]
  12. Kesrouan [Caza]
  13. Jbeil [Caza]
  14. Saida [City]
  15. Zahrani [villages surrounding Saida Zahrani]
  16. Sur [Caza]
  17. Jezzine [Caza]
  18. Nabatieh [Caza]
  19. Marjayoun and Hazbayya [Caza]
  20. Bint Jbeil [Caza]
  21. Western Beqaa and Rashayya [Caza]
  22. Zahleh [Caza]
  23. Baalbek [Caza] and Hermel [Caza]
Beirut Electoral Districts
  1. Ashrafieh + Rmeil + Saifi
    5 seats: 2 Christian Armenians; 1 Christian Maronite; 1 Christian Orthodox; 1 Christian Catholic

  2. Bashoura + Mdawar + Marfa
    4 seats: 1 Muslim Sunni; 1 Muslim Shiite; 2 Christian Armenian

  3. Mazraa + Moseitbeh + Ras Beirut + Mina el Hosn + Zaqa el Blatt + Ein Mreisseh
    10 seats: 5 Muslim Sunni; 1 Muslim Shiite; 1 Muslim Druze; 1 Christian Orthodox; 1 Christian Evangelical; 1 Christian Minorities
Sectarian Parliamentary Seat Allocations [set by Taef Accords]
  • Christian Maronites: 34 seats
  • Christian Greek Orthodox: 14 seats
  • Christian Greek Catholic: 8 seats
  • Armenian Orthodox: 5 seats
  • Armenian Catholic: 1 seat
  • Christian Protestant (Evangelical): 1 seat
  • Christian Minorities: 1 seat
  • Muslim Sunni: 27 seats
  • Muslim Shiite: 27 seats
  • Muslim Druze: 8 seats
  • Muslim Alawites: 2 seats


  1. If anyone knows the number of seats (including sects if possible) allocated to each electoral division then please post it or email it to me so that I can post it.

    EMAIL: blacksmithsoflebanon [at] gmail [dot] com


  2. Frankly, even in the best possible scenario where Hizbollah and his allies lose the Parliamentary elections, what will prevent Lebanon from them turning their weapons against the rest of their fellow citizens again? This Doha agreement might have saved peace in a short run, it is still a capitulation. Not that M14 people are a lot better than their Shia opponents, but at least they were relatively non violent (until now).

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Speaker Nabih Berri’s media advisor, Ali Hamdan, to NOW Lebanon: Sunday May 25, 2008 is the date of the parliamentary session to elect a president.

  4. Bad Vilbel8:38 PM

    Agreed with Alphast.
    This is complete surrender to HA. And it only buys short term "peace". Nothing worth celebrating, guys.

    I am amazed at how shortsighted the Lebanese public is. I can't believe people's standards are so low that they are patting each other on the back for this.

  5. Bad vilbel, you are right but they are only patting eachother on the back because it is a relief and a much welcomed relief... politically, March 14 lost... it looks likes the weapons on the street determined the outcome.

    The key is for stability now, hopefully, not at the expense of freedom, that is what Lebanese perceive is being restored to them and why they are happy and understandably so.

  6. A suggestion BJ

    Find the "official" Doha Agreement (exact wording) from Qatar and archive it in the Cedar Mountain site. I have a feeling you will want that in the future. Not that I think it will actually happen - but the (almost useless) Parliament still has the option of considering the Boutros Law and passing it for the 2009 elections. That was written into the agreement. Who knows? They might actually find a backbone instead of their rubber stamp.

  7. Haha, thanks Ace.

    Here is the official full text of the agreement - as provided by NOWLebanon.


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