Friday, May 09, 2008

Day 3: Al Jazeera Video Report

Meanwhile, Hizballah staged raids on mountain positions held by the predominantly Druze Progressive Socialist Party (PSP). The raids resulted in the deaths of three Hizballah militiamen. The raids (part of an effort by Hizballah to spread the fighting outside of Beirut) come on the heals of Hizballah chief, Hassan Nasrallah's verbal attack on the PSP chief, Walid Jumblatt, in Nasrallah's speech yesterday.

Update 11:00 pm: NOWLebanon, reporting on the Hizballah assault on the PSP in the mountain town of Aley, "four Hezbollah members and a fifth one has been arrested while the party has sent reinforcements and missile rockets from the Southern suburbs of Beirut." Both, Voice of Lebanon radio (via LF website and the PSP website) confirm the missile story, adding that Hizballah missile launchers are stationed in the Coca Cola neighborhood of Beirut and aimed at Aley.


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    صوت لبنان: حزب الله نصب منصة صواريخ قرب الكوكاكولا موجهاً إيها نحو منطقة الإشتاباكات مع الإشتراكي

  2. Anonymous11:56 PM

  3. Sharku3:06 AM

    As a free nation, stick a fork in Lebanon, for it is done. The Sunnis are finished as a political force, the Christians will be next.

    Bow down and welcome your new masters. Enjoy the long slide back to the seventh century. You had your chance and now it is gone. And later this summer when hesbollah attacks Israel again, and causes more destruction to fall on your heads you can thank your army for their wonderful defense of the legitimate government.


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