Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Crocodile Tears

Does anyone else find this funny [...you know, pathetically and depressingly funny ...]?

While some of Lebanon's leaders, politicians, and people continue to struggle to defend their state from being completely taken over by Iran's parasitic proxy-militia...

Stacked containers owned by Jihad al-Binaa, Hezbollah's construction arm, are seen where anti-Syrian leader Walid Jumblatt claimed Hezbollah has set surveillance cameras ... near Beirut airport to monitor foreign leaders and anti-Syrian Lebanese politicians (AP Photo/Hussein Malla).

... Hizballah continues to pretend that it is a legitimate (and normal) component of our state with every right to the freedoms and rights bestowed on the citizens of that state:

The Hezbollah-owned Al-Manar channel expressed its surprise at the Grand Serail’s decision to revoke the press pass of their correspondent Manar Sabbagh ... describing it as a violation of press freedom.

...Just one of hundreds of "hillarious" anecdotes from Lebanon.


  1. Bad Vilbel12:52 AM

    I did indeed find that story hilarious and was going to comment about it.

    I find it ironic that HA is complaining about a press pass being revoked, considering how they treat visitors and journalists who go into Dahieh (like Mr. Pakzad, who was abducted recently).

    The correspondent in question is lucky he/she wasn't treated the same way HA treats its "visitors".

  2. Another local anecdote. Today the CGTL called off their demonstration (for lack of support and turnout), but the Hizb is still demonstrating and blocking roads.


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