Thursday, May 29, 2008

Commentator Captions 1

I've been thinking of starting this category of posts for a while now, and I couldn't think of any better picture to start it off with than this one of FPM leader and MP Michel Aoun handing newly appointed Prime Minister Fouad Siniora a gardenia flower following the end of their meeting today in Rabieh, and ahead of consultations regarding the formation of the new government.

The idea is simple, a picture is put up and commentators provide their thoughts about a suitable caption or perhaps giver their version of what dialogue in the picture would be. Remember to keep it fun and keep it polite...

...Good luck!


  1. Aoun to Siniora: "Can we be friends now?"

  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Aoun to Seniora: "Boukra bit shouf ya Seniora"

  3. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Aoun to Siniora:- "I'll leave one just like this on your grave"
    Aoun to Siniora:- "This ones for you, buttercup. Now let me see that smile one more time"

    ...I think I like this commnent on picture thing. Nice idea!


  4. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Aoun to Siniora : Boukra 3al Mishmosh ya rayyess

  5. lol Shunkleash (for the 2nd one)

  6. Anonymous2:00 AM

    How about a simple "I Love You" from Aoun to Siniora???

  7. Arabic Coffee Pot6:06 AM

    "Siniora deflowers Aoun"

  8. Nadim8:38 AM

    Aoun: I'm a f***ing hypocrite, have this flower.

  9. Aoun: "ces quelques fleurs..."
    Siniora: "si tu oses me regarder dans les yeux, j'te mets une baffe".

    Sorry for English speaking only people... It's a lot funnier in French. Translation:
    Aoun: "these flowers for you..."
    Siniora: "if you dare looking me in the eyes, I'll slap you".

  10. So much for throwing Saniora out of the Serail window!... Aoun thinks politics is a game, with little regard to people's lives and/or dignity.

  11. Aoun to Saniora "Je veux toujours etre caliphe a la place du caliphe"

  12. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Aoun: "Take this and promise not to cry anymore"

  13. Anonymous9:59 AM

    No offense, but I think the real conversation that transpired is a heck of a lot funnier :)

    Aoun: This is a "fil" [type of flower, also means "leave"]

    Saniora: No, its a "full" and we are staying.

    I think that's what I learned in the past few years. On its own, the reality of lebanese politics is stranger than fiction.


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