Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Breaking News: Clashes and Casualties in Aramoun

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Update: Arrest of some gunmen involved in incident.

Voice of Lebanon radio reports (via NOWLebanon) that Lebanese soldier Hussein Janibi has died of wounds sustained in the Dohat Aramoun clashes.

Update: Future Movement denies involvement in Dohat Aramoun clashes.

NOWLebanon: A fight between Hezbollah and PSP supporters erupted a short while ago in Dohat Aramoun, and quickly escalated into armed clashes. The Lebanese army was deployed to control the situation, and sources say two soldiers were wounded in the crossfire and are in critical condition at the Kamal Jumblatt hospital.

Meanwhile Naharnet is reporting the death of one person as a result of the clashes, naming the pro-government party as the Future Movement.

Lebanonfiles reports the cause of this latest firefight as a dispute over right of way on a road in the area.

Earlier today, the Lebanese government banned motorbikes, partisan flags and provocative convoys in Beirut following assaults on civilians that took place the previous night in which 23 people were wounded.


  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    "the cause of this latest firefight as a dispute over right of way on a road in the area"...i see, well that is a good reason to lose your life. I wonder how much a politicians life is worth? Well since they are all "clean" Maybe a sahboun NO! WAIT make that TWO sahboun!

    Shunkleash says they are all ALL losers...

  2. Anonymous1:44 AM

    howaa.. chaps, there is a party going on, you're missing it.


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