Saturday, May 10, 2008

Breaking News: Army Command Intervenes

Update 6:40 pm: Speaking in a televised press conference Amal MP Ali Hassan Khalil confirmed that his group, along with Hizballah and other Syrian-backed groups, would withdraw their militants from the streets and hand control of the capital to the Army, while declaring a "continuation of civil disobedience".

Update 6:20 pm:
Hizballah mouthpiece, Al Manar TV (via NOWLebanon), has declared the group's rejection of an end to "civil disobedience". Meanwhile the Lebanese news/rumor website, LebanonFiles has reported that Hizballah has agreed to the withdrawal of gunmen from the streets and the Army's assumption of control of the capital - without a suspension of "civil disobedience" activities. The website also quoted sources as saying that the Army could open the airport road within 24 hrs.

News sources in Lebanon are reporting a statement issued by Army Command calling for the withdrawal of all armed elements from the street. The Army's statement also declared the establishment of an internal probe into the airport security affair, without the removal [as yet] of Brigadier General Wafik Shoukair as head of airport security; and the establishment of its own study into the Hizballah communication network, along lines that "would not harm the resistance’s integrity and security".

Future Movement leader, Saad Hariri, and Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, have outlined their acceptance of the Army's statement in conjunction with their previous calls that the Army assume control of the capital and that it takeover the issues of airport security and Hizballah's communications network as brought up earlier this week by the government.

Meanwhile, Lebanon's Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, addressed the nation earlier in the day and declared that the country had entered a new era in which the issue of Hizballah's weapons must lead the way as the topic of dialogue ahead of wider negotiations on the re-drafting of a new [or amended] political system. The PM declared that appropriate conditions must be established through a transitional period in which:
  1. The Army would take over all matters of national security - including the withdrawal of militants from the streets; the Army's assumption of duties pertaining to the issue of airport security and Hizballah's communications network;

  2. The immediate election of a consensus President and the subsequent formation of a national unity government "in which neither party can force its beliefs".

  3. The deliberation of a new Parliamentary electoral law - in Parliament!

  4. And a "gentlemen's agreement" to abide by a code of media ethics
The PM ended his speech by declared that the Lebanese people would not be cowed by the violence inflicted by Hizballah on them, and declared that any future negotiations had to be headed by someone other than Nabih Berri (without naming him) as he had become a party to the violence.


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Unfortunatley the circumstances that introduced your return to blogging are regrettable Jade (and I prefer not to induce any comments from my part because of how highly pissed and speechless I am about this whole f***fest..) but many thanks on the continous updates you post...very informative...glad you're back buddy and keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    We ve been f...ed .....again !!!
    The prime minister's answer was not convincing !!

    the military answer even less convincing, outright infuriating!!!

    The rapist had done his deed and now leaves unpunished !!!!!

    God help all freedom loving Lebanese !!
    We have truly become cattle for the Iranian Slaughterhouse.

    The rule of the Iranian Whores has started.
    RIP lebnan

    -Momo elWa7sh

  3. bad vilbel9:26 PM

    Your title is a bit misleading, BJ.
    The army command is not "intervening". The army command is doing what HA is telling it to do. It is clear by now that the army is in HA's pocket and has always been. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words.

    The army did nothing to protect the citizens over the past few days. And it's now revoking the government decisions, which is what HA wanted. And that's not even getting into the legality of the army command making POLITICAL decisions (that is the job of the government, not that of army command).

    RIP Lebanon indeed.

  4. Ah, the Lebanese: so pathetically oblivious to the obvious for all these years.

    Noah Pollak blogged about this latest power grab by Nasrallah, obviously ordered by the IRGC General Staff, in his entry at Commentary Magazines Contentions blog.

    Money graph:

    The Hezbollah rampage in Lebanon that we are witnessing should make it obvious to any sentient observer that Hezbollah’s claims to democratic political legitimacy have always been intended only to manipulate the credulous. Participation in politics requires the willingness to persuade your foes, to compromise, to stand down when you don’t get your way. But there is no record of Hamas or Hezbollah ever observing such restrictions: the moment Hezbollah was confronted with political pressure, it responded not within the political sphere, but with warlordism — with an exhibition of violence intended to make clear not just that Hezbollah is the most powerful force in the country, but that challenging it will result in its enemies’ humiliation and dispossession. In the streets of Beirut, with Kalashnikovs and RPGs, Hezbollah is making it abundantly clear that its participation in Lebanese politics ends when Hezbollah is asked to submit to the state’s authority. How many more Middle East “experts” are going to proclaim that the answer to Islamic supremacism is dialogue and political integration?

    Are the Lebanese as a people are so afraid of fighting for their freedom from these fascist goons that they will sit by and allow Iran and Syria to use a Quisling like Hassan Nasrallah to overthrow all that they hold dear? The Israelis have gone. There is no excuse anymore. Either the elected Lebanese State is supreme or you are a toady state of Persia. Make your choice.

    Either fight these traitors, or live as Persian slaves. We have a Marine Amphibious Expeditionary Group offshore, but don't expect us to ride to your rescue. The Interim Force in Lebanon is a joke. Meanwhile, there isn't an Israeli soldier in IDF Northern Command who doesn't know that the Hez have been smuggling long range missiles into Lebanon in violation of 1701.

    We're rather tired of helping those who will not help themselves, or who would rather lick the boot of the conqueror and his Hezboallah toadies than live as Free Lebanese.


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