Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blacksmith Briefs on Facebook/MySpace!

You can now keep up with the latest from Lebanon (and its Blacksmiths) by adding Blacksmith Briefs to your Facebook! Users can stay up to date on the latest by adding me (BlacksmithJade) as a Twitter friend and following my feed. Install the Twitter application on your Facebook page and receive instant updates from me as well as your other Twitter friends (or interesting/public personalities, such as Hillary Clinton).

For instructions, visit the Twitter homepage, or go directly to Twitter's badges (for Facebook and/or MySpace) or devices (for IM or SMS services)

Users can also install the Twitter application on the My Space page, or use it to receive automatic updates on selected Instant Messaging services (like GTalk or LiveJournal).

As highlighted in my earlier updates post, Twitter users can also follow the BlacksmithJade feed and receive instant updates on their cell phones.

And for regular bloggers, nothing gets you out jail faster than Twitter (check this story for details). Business and IT buffs can read more about Twitter by checking out this BusinessWeek article on the micro-blogging tool or by visiting their blog.

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