Tuesday, May 20, 2008



  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    This army is a joke, if they cannot protect the Lebanese people who will?
    International force needed to save Lebanon...

  2. Bad Vilbel11:55 PM

    Eh. I'm over it. The army failed to do its job last week. It's a joke. Let's face the facts and stop romanticizing that institution.

    There really is no point in having an army if it can't protect the country and its citizens from anyone.

  3. Abu Jaafar12:10 AM

    The problem isn't in the army or the soldiers, its in the leadership...

    Foreign troops isn't the answer. Michel Suleiman on the other hand has broken many lines and I would urge patience. The calamities of last week may have not been responded to in a satisfactory manner but nonetheless, credit needs to go to whom it deserves. It was under his command that the Lebanese Army for the first time in decades established control of a Palestinian refugee camp (crushing a very well armed Fatah el Islam with almost nothing) and sent the Army to the south.

    Basically, Michel Suleiman has a few landmark accomplishments; I regret the response of the Army last week, they should have prevented the movement of militants (and they were mostly opposition) and arrested all bearing arms and shooting.

  4. Abu Jaafar12:12 AM

    I salute the martyrs of the army and my prayers go to their families.

  5. Arabic Coffee Pot12:33 AM

    We shouldn't take away from the Army's accomplishments 1 year ago, no matter what they did recently. It was still a great thing they did for Lebanon then.

  6. Anonymous2:04 AM

    The problem IS the army. Its sectarian dithering allowed for massacres. It has to decide if it is a Lebanese Army or a diplomatic corps.

  7. Bad Vilbel8:49 AM

    No point wallowing over old news, guys. As of a few hours ago, it seems HA has been given everything it asked for and more, in Doha.
    M14 has turned out to be a complete failure.
    And kiss Lebanon goodbye.

  8. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Peace is NEVER a failure....

    Failure would be civil war.... Hizbollah should never have done what they did but we must look forward and move forward as a country..

    Enough is well and truly enough, we have suffered far too long!

  9. And you will continue to suffer a lot more as long as your Arab "brothers" will continue stabbing you in the back and that your Western supporters will continue look the other way.

  10. jimmy5:02 PM

    without the army there is no country so we should always support them, the alternative is worse.

  11. Bad Vilbel8:03 PM

    I got news for you Jimmy, there is no country already.

  12. Anonymous8:08 PM

    BV is right. Decisions will now be made by Hezbollah, not some fictional Lebanon.


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