Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arab Delegation Announces Agreed Proposal

The Arab Delegation dispatched to Lebanon following a takeover of Beirut by the militant group Hizballah has announced the following proposal agreed to by the country's various political parties:
"...[in conjunction with the Arab initiative, and] based on the Lebanese constitution and Taif Accord, we agreed on:
  1. Things must return to what they were before May 5, 2008: the government must respond to the Army Command statement and hand the two decisions over to the army; All arms must be withdrawn from the streets and all roads, the Rafik Hariri International Airport and the Beirut Seaport reopened; and the Lebanese army must take charge of national security and civil peace.

  2. There must be agreement on returning to dialogue on the national-unity government and electoral law. This agreement must be crowned by the end of the sit-in the eve Army Commander General Michel Sleiman is announced as a consensus candidate for presidency.

  3. The (Lebanese) dialogue will begin as soon as the clause 1 is implemented, on Friday May 16, 2008 in Doha.

  4. All parties must promise to refrain from returning to arms or violence to achieve political ends.

  5. The dialogue is to reinforce the rule of the Lebanese government on all Lebanese lands … for the security of the state and its citizens.

  6. Political leaders will end their use of political and sectarian incitement and accusations of treachery at once."
Concluding the press conference through which the proposal was announced, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jasem al-Thani, the head of the delegation and the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, added:
"We expect the election of a president within days"


  1. Number 4 is my fav.

    I promise, really really, I won't use violence again (except if it's against Israel or anyone I accuse of being an Israeli agent).

  2. Bad Vilbel11:18 PM

    JW, exactly.

    To me, this looks like HA gets actual concrete concessions from M14 (Suleiman president, government of unity, new electoral law, etc.) and in return, M14 gets a vague promise HA won't use its weapons again.

    And we all know how much weight Nassrallah's word has, when he said he'd never turn his weapons inwards...

  3. Anonymous1:17 AM


    Is it a dream or a reality? What is happening? Is it true? Unfortunately yes! It is the worst nightmare! Abruptly, and without any notice, Hizbollah militants attacked Beirut and its residents and few days later they attacked “Al-Jabal”. They ravaged the city, killed its innocent residents who where trying to defend their homes and properties. Hizbollah militants are well trained and very well equipped with different types of weapons. What can few innocent individuals, with personal rifles do? The militia conquered Beirut, destroyed cars, killed civilians, kidnapped innocents hiding in their homes, and humiliated citizens. But what is the reason for all this hatred? What for? It is the freedom of thought. Has anyone the right to kill you simply because you think differently? Are these actions still valid in our era? In addition to human humiliations and harassments, Hizbollah shut down “Future Television”, “Radio Orient”, “Al Moustaqbal” newspaper and lot of other media sources related to Future Movement. They wanted to get rid of any trace related to the legacy of the Martyr Rafic Al-Hariri. Their objective is to kill the vision that Martyr Rafic Al-Hariri implanted in lot of Lebanese: that of a free healthy developed Lebanon. That is why they are trying to terrorize people and silence their voice. But they were wrong. They have misjudged us. They have underestimated Beirut and its citizens. It seems they do not know who we are. We are the people who will never bow. We are the people who will never be terrorized. We are the people who will never be silenced.

  4. Unity Government means Hezbollah gets their VETO.

    How can this ever be right?
    Charles Malik has an interesting post about what M14 (short sighted as usual) is willing to give up ..... in hopes of "wining" in 2009. These fools don't even understand that an electoral law will be put in place to guarantee a Hezbollah/Aoun win. All for "peace now" and the almighty "Christian" President .. does it matter to any of them that he takes orders from Syria and Hezbollah?


  5. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Shiite death squads of Hezbollah and Amal militias kidnapped a Druze paramedic in Beirut and carved "888" over his body in reference to the humiliating defeat the Iranian revolutionary guards witnessed on the 888 hill near the town of Alley in Mount Lebanon.

  6. Hi guys, thanks for the comments I've posted my own commentary on the proposal here, where I tried to acknowledge the opinions reflected in this comments section.


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