Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And the Real Objective is...

Naharnet Update: 5:00 pm - Hizbullah trucks and buldozers erect more barricades at Beirut International Airport road!

4:10 pm - Demonstrators are bringing tents to the airport road to prepare a lenghty sit-in

What? You thought Hizballah would just let the state regain control of the country's only international airport? Ha! Where are you living? Welcome to Hizballah-land!

"Wafiq Choukair, the pro-Hizbullah airport security chief fired by the government, is reporting to work as usual and refusing to relinquish his post."

Abu Kais - From Beirut to the Beltway

Today's events have all the hallmarks of another Hizballah miscalculation. Hizballah's plan [to transform the country into an Iranian regional policy satellite] is one doomed to failure, the question is (as it has always been) how much damage will they do to us and the country before they finally go down?

Reuters Update:
An opposition source said the protest campaign, including road blocks, would be extended until the government rescinded decisions taken on Tuesday affecting Hezbollah.

The government had pledged to take steps against a private telecommunications network operated by the group and accused it of installing spy cameras at Beirut airport. The cabinet also removed the airport's head of security, a figure close to the opposition, from his post.

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