Monday, April 14, 2008

Douma's Back...

...well it will be [tomorrow] on April 15th!

That, according to the game's developers who have posted the news of the free online game's return on the game's new website, as well as on the Facebook group dedicated to it.

Originally launched on November 15, 2007, the game proved to be an overnight success. Unfortunately, the game's lifespan would prove to be just that - overnight - as the game's developers hurriedly moved to shut the game down the next day. The only explanation given at the time (both publicly and privately) was the presence of 'legal problems' [exacerbated by the game's rapid success].

Whatever those problems were, it would appear that they have been resolved as lovers of the game - this blogger, and many others, included - will get a chance to try their hand at beaten the living the daylights out of the country's top politicians... it anger management, or at least, a release of frustrations!

Unfortunately, despite some serious news that warrants much commentary and attention, Blacksmiths of Lebanon isn't prepared to announce a return to regular blogging just yet (but it'll happen).

In order to help mitigate the silence on these pages we'd like to invite regular readers, commentators, or fellow bloggers to put up guest posts on our site. If you have something to say and would like to use our page as a forum to say it simply send us an email to blacksmithsoflebanon at gmail dot com and we'll get it done.

Otherwise, don't forget to check our news and blog feeds for the latest updates and feel free to browse the Blacksmith Jade Analysis Warehouse over at Cedar Mountain for a categorized listing of Analysis and Opinion pieces.
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