Monday, March 17, 2008


My work/projects are once again reaching a critical point that will force this blog to go into "reduced frequency" mode while I sort out the [other] important factors in my life. But before going I want to put up a two part essay I had prepared to mark the occassion of March 14th, 2008 [kinda like the two part essay I put up to mark the occassion travesty of March 8th, 2008]. The unfolding "conferences" and the "new dynamic" that is to be defined by these conferences prompted me to wait. Hopefully the post(s) will be up soon.

In the meantime, and as a prelude to my coming absence from the "scene", I wanted to take the time to draw the reader's attention to a cluster of posts I have particualrly enjoyed reading/viewing this week. Kudos to these bloggers, my friends, for their continued belief in the human spirit (in one form or other) and the ability to inspire change through words and not guns...

...words that seek to spread light even in the darkest recesses of the world where many have already been imprisoned for daring to think of freedom and to value themselves as freedom-deserving human beings...

...words that expose the lords of the darkened torture cells and the remote-control bomb for the cowards that they are...

...words that take those sometimes abstract notions of freedom, the right to life, and the rule of law and allow us to view the struggle to attain them through the lense of the personal and mundane...

...and words that remind us to be proud of our fight and never "be sorry" for ascribing to ourselves the right to demand freedom and priviledge to fight for it.


  1. Hope the absence won't be long, and thank you for the link.

  2. yeah marillion - I linger off as well sometimes

  3. BJ:
    You left some questions on my last post and I left you some answers, couldn't do that sooner.

  4. Thanks for the heads up.


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