Tuesday, March 04, 2008

M14 Mantras

As we get closer to the official three year anniversary of the Cedar Revolution I hope to be putting up a few more pieces. For now, here is a poster designed by the March 14th group for the Feb 14th, 2008 commemoration of the assassination which launched the Revolution.

We will not remain without a president.

Syrian influence will not return.

We will not allow the army to be targeted again.

The Special Tribunal and international resolutions will not be stopped.

Not a single terrorist will remain on Lebanese soil.

No one will interfere with our affairs.

Not one person will be naturalized in Lebanon.

We will not be ruled by an extremist or a tyrant.

The constitution and parliament will not be raped anymore.

No weapons will remain outside the government.

Our borders will no longer be violated by Syria and Israel.

No Lebanese will harm another.

Our ambitions and dreams will no longer be stolen.


In defense of the state.

For the victory of Lebanon.

Courtesy of NOW Lebanon.

PS - For a balanced perspective, here is a link to an english translation of the Hizballah Manifesto as posted by Ace and Marillionlb. Enjoy.


  1. Thank you for the reminder of what the Cedar Revolution was all about. I hope that all Lebanese will remember why one day we all took to the streets ,not to follow leaders, but to save Lebanon.
    On a more pessimistic note, I can't help but to relate those mantras to Bashir's promises when he got elected; and we all know what happened then. Maybe, just like Bashir, M14 has taken on much more than it can chew.
    I hope not.

  2. Not to follow leaders is right Marillion.

    And what many "cedar revolutionaries" will tell you is that these leaders have taken too many liberties - under the auspices of maintaining social cohesion, or not provoking a confrontation - with the principles that turned our country around and liberated us from the Syrian occupation.

    Why did we have extra-institutional talks through the "national dialogue" [and the bullshit meetings that continue to take place] while allowing our Parliament to be shut down?

    Why didn't we exercise our constitutional right to elect a president by a 50%+1 majority?

    When our political system [as in all democracies] calls for the formation of a new gov't through consultations by the new President and the elected majority, why are we bypassing the President's prerogatives and allowing discussions on the new gov't before he is even elected?

    Why do we even allow "resigned" ministers to continue to show up to work and/or why do we allow Syria's goons to continue to question the legitimacy of the gov't when "their" ministers are still running the affairs of their ministries?

  3. And still they claim (M14) to be fighting for a free and democratic Lebanon. The biggest joke of it all is the fact that they all agree on the APPOINTMENT of Michel Suleiman, when our president should be elected. That same General who a few days back vowed to protect Syria from Israel. I only blame the Lebanese for all that is happening, they are reaping the fruits of their ignorance.

  4. True. Lebanese should be protected from themselves and from Syria and Iran before being protecting Syria from Israel.


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