Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lets Give'em Something to Mullah 'bout

Many of you have seen reports of this disgusting travesty online already, but here it is anyway:
"Lebanese authorities have banned Persepolis...

...The animated pic, nominated for animated feature at last month's Academy Awards, is based on co-helmer Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical, bestselling graphic novel about growing up in Iran during the 1979 revolution.

Authorities likely want to avoid any potential fallout from offending pro-Iranian members of the Lebanese opposition, notably Hezbollah.


Ironically, the film was screened at two cultural centers in Iran's capital, Tehran, recently."
Remember, this movie has nothing to do with Lebanon, its about the reality of living through the coup that installed a theocratic dictatorship in Iran ... oh I forgot, they get to have pretend-elections:
"On March 14, Iranians will head to the polls to participate in parliamentary elections – or a charade, depending on who one asks. Over 7,000 Iranians declared their candidacy for a seat in the Majlis, Iran’s legislative body. However, more than 2,000 candidates, primarily from the reformist wing of Iran’s political scene, have been disqualified. This has essentially ensured a victory for conservative hard-liners loyal to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."
Now click here for a trailer of the film you're not allowed to watch and remember to resist American hegemony.

PS - Don't pay any attention to the little bearded guys running around with guns and missiles and holding the country hostage on behalf of their bosses in Tehran and Damascus ... yup, just ignore them, movies like Persepolis are the real danger!


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  2. Anonymous2:07 AM

    what a shame, it looks like a great movie

  3. Heck of a book. I loved reading it; in a perverse way, it reminds me how much we Levantines have in common with the Iranians.

    Maybe someone should do a comic about Lebanon... We just need a few good scenarists... ;)

  4. Yeah. Except that it's not even banned:

  5. Hey Nicolien, I checked the article and it seems to me to be a question of semantics...

    ...Haha, well lets just call "put on hold [by the Surete Generale]" a euphamism for "banned". On the ground the situation is the same, a film that should have been screened is prevented from playing on cinema screens.

    And by the way, the movie doesn't show "Shia intolerance" but the intolerance of a few fundamentalists (and their followers) who grabbed power and tried to impose their values on the general Iranian population...

    ...well, thats what I think its is after all banned - I mean, "on hold".

    PS - and as with every banned [or allowed] movie to hit cinema screens in the country, a pirated copy will surely be readily available...but its the principle that matters (and thats no euphamism).

  6. I would not dare to equate being asked to put something 'on hold' with something being 'banned', exactly because they are not the same things. You have probably heard of the Dutch MP wanting to release a movie on the subject of the Quran/Prophet Mohamad, well, he's been asked to put that project 'on hold' or even cancel, but nobody (except himself) would dare say his movie is 'banned'...

  7. Hey Nicolien,

    The point I was trying to make is that it isn't about the difference between "banned" and "put on hold by security office".

    On the subject of the Dutch MP, who is "asking" him to put it on hold? The Dutch gov't surely isn't (and wouldn't dare to), even though it has the most to lose from the airing of the film.

    The point is one of principle, at the end of the day Lebanese people will be able to watch the movie in one [pirated] form or other, but there is absolutely no reason why a film about a revolution in Iran shouldn't be aired in Lebanon.

    None whatsoever.

  8. this is a great book/movie. Fear of it offending anyone in Lebanon is not an excuse to prevent it from being aired. this is just ridiculous. It just shows how ignorant some people are. Fear from a book/movie? this is pathetic.which century are we living in?

  9. By the way, about Wilders' Dutch movie, yes, the government asked him specifically not to air it. But they couldn't legally stop him from doing so. So it was aired. And it was no big deal. Yes, it was anti-Muslim and quite a stupid movie of about 17 minutes. And nobody in the Netherlands really cares about it. The media were the most interested. Dutch Muslims said they were offended but that it was no big deal. So in the end, it's Wilders who looked like an idiot.

    In Lebanon, of course, it is different: the only one looking like an idiot is the head of the Sureté Générale.


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