Monday, March 03, 2008

Blurbs and a Movie

Jeha concludes that nothing's going on while Tony proceeds in tearing a new one for another deluded journalist high on Hizballah's holier than thou propaganda machine.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some more UNIFIL info by linking to this interesting UN documentary video created in September of 2007 and documenting UNIFIL's deployment and role since Resolution 1701 ended the war in southern Lebanon.

Also, here is a quote from a press release on the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force (MTF) change of command we alluded to in an earlier post:
The MTF has since been assisting the Lebanese Navy in securing the country's 200 kilometres of coastline in order to help prevent the unauthorized entry of arms or related material by sea into Lebanon. ... So far eight countries have contributed naval units to the MTF: Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Turkey.

... Since the start of its operations MTF has hailed more than 13,000 ships and referred 70 suspicious vessels to the Lebanese authorities for further inspection.


Following today’s changeover, UNIFIL’s Maritime Task Force will consist of the following vessels and crews:
  • Italy - 2 ships - Crew 305
  • France - 1 ship - Crew 153
  • Greece - 2 ships - Crew 290
  • Turkey - 1 ship - Crew 250
  • Germany - 4 ships - Crew 425
  • Spain - 1 ship - Crew 118 (from 15 March 2008)
As for our Presidential crisis - this stopped being about Lebanon the moment Hizballah and the rest of the Syrian goof-troop received their orders [from Syria and Iran] to reject and block the constitutional amendment and election that would have provided us with a "neutral" President.

Now we must await the results and consequences of their masters' [doomed-to-fail] attempts at strong-arming the international community before at least one of our democratic institutions regains its functionality.


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