Monday, February 18, 2008

Sectarian Sacrifice

Hizballah and Amal continue to pit the Lebanese Shiite community against the rest of their compatriots in an effort to satisfy the agendas of their regional allies. The recent assassination of Lebanese national [slash] Iranian operative Imad Mughniyeh only underscores Hizballah's true identity as an extension and tool of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. This while the message from Syria continues to be [as it has always been]: "our way or chaos" - with their way [of course] entailing a return to the complete subjugation of the Lebanese nation [and state] to their will - "oh, and lets forget about that nasty tribunal".

Street clashes between Shiites and other Lebanese throughout Beirut and its suburbs became a nightly occurence last week. In response to the clashes, the Lebanese Army deploys to the stricken neighborhoods in force, despite intense efforts by Hizballah to discredit it with the blood of its constituents.

A Lebanese shop owner stands outside his burnt-out computer store that was destroyed during Saturday night's street clashes in Beirut's Basta district. (AFP/ANWAR AMRO)

The multi-sectarian farce that Nasrallah and his love-slave Aoun have tried to create (with the help of "divine" funds for Al-Manar's sister-station, OTV, and the rest of the Syrian goof troop - Wahhab and Franjieh) has been completely exposed for the sham that it always was.

Sadly, as things stand today, the most effective weapon for Lebanon's regional and internal enemies will remain Shiite blood, as it was used in July 2006, as it is being used today, and as Nasrallah and his puppet-masters won't hesitate to use again - to the greatest detriment of that community.

This as the desperation of the puppets and puppet-masters alike rises ahead of that exposition of their greatest hit through the [now fully funded] International Tribunal.


  1. I believe that one can fairly assume I speak for most French people when I say that we won't cry for Imad Mughnyeh assassination. If he did only half of the things he was accused of and if there is a Hell, he should burn in it right now... Newspapers are reporting that he was the mastermind behind the Drakar building bombing as well as several other attacks and hostage takings. That's good enough for me. If Mossad got him, directly or (more probably) indirectly, I thank them. If not, then that means our own services (or the CIA) are behind it, which is only fair enough.

    The only thing I am sad about in this whole story is that again Lebanese are paying the price for it. Shia will pay dearly, being manipulated as they are by their Syrian and Iranian masters. That's already bad enough. But other Lebanese communities will get caught in it, and that is even worse. And in the end, it is Lebanon all together which will suffer for the fate of just one man. And that's really not fair.

  2. Imad died the death of a "hero" according to the Hizb, Iran...etc, and while Michel Suleiman was paying homage to the slain hero, riots were taking place in Beirut. Even Saniora and Saad paid their condolences to the Hizb (Saad with hand still extended and Saniora weeping as usual).
    Wlek TFEH!

  3. Arabic Coffee Pot8:17 PM

    The only thing that prevented the Shiites from being full partners in the rebirth of Lebanon through the Cedar Revolution were Hizballah and Amal.

    Before M8 and M14, when thousands of Lebanese were in Martyr's Square, protesting and demanding their freedom, the Shiites came out to mourne Hariri and kick Syria out.

    M8 saw Nasrallah and Berri reverse that movement and intimidate them back into their homes. They segregated their community from the country's liberation and decided to use their blood to launch a counter-revolution!

  4. Regardless of who killed him, Job #1 for Muggie was terrifying Lebanese into following whatever agenda his masters wished. With him gone, investigations into his activities are possible when before the mere mention of his name would suffice to bring down his wrath. Could this be an opportunity to root out his information network entirely?

  5. Anonymous12:53 AM

    The captain is gone but the dingy is still afloat and tied to the mothership.

    captain: muggie
    mothership:khomeini's iran

  6. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Check out the Shiite death squads of Amal and Hezbollah militias terrorizing the population in Beirut...

  7. Jimmy2:54 PM

    They weren't death squads...just groups of young people put on the street by Amal and Hizballah


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