Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Song Remains the Same

I received this image by email the other day and thought I would put it up ... you know, just for kicks.

As far as I can tell the license plate visible on the bike is most probably Photoshopped - but that matters little.

Given today's highly polarized atmosphere and the presence of Hizballah-controlled security zones in which police patrols [and fire-rescue engines] are short, few, and controlled - if they take place at all - the image could just as well be real.

[For those of you having trouble reading it, the license plate depicts a cedar below which are two crossed zulfiqar scimitars along with the inscription: Jumhuriyyat el Dahiyeh - translated as Republic of Dahiyeh].

In any case, this post shouldn’t be taken as a sign of a return to regular blogging...

...after all the situation on the ground has remained the same: We already know that Hizballah is trying to thrash and trash the Taef (along with the movement to secular governance it embodies) and replace it with a dual institutional system in which it [as a non-democratic, fundamentalist, paramilitary institution] would hold exclusive status.

We know that it is succeeding in accomplishing this [by virtue of simply not having a President – as a first step at least] thanks primarily to the political cover being provided by our own buffoonish General Michel “BenedictAounald [NOW Lebanon provides an entertaining look at Aoun-logic].

And we know that both of these [destructive] forces have aligned themselves with a Syrian regime intent on smothering that movement for sovereignty known as the Cedar Revolution (now gasping for breath!), and scuttling the International Tribunal.

Heck!, we even know what violent and disruptive measures they’ve been planning (since 2006 and before) to use to bring about their desired results [as if assassinations and terrorist insurgencies weren't enough!]

And so despite all the genuis, courage, and beauty of our country, the song remaings the same...

...nobody said securing a truly independent secular state was going to be easy [traitors, buffoons, fundamentalists, terrorist regimes (to the South as well as to the North and East), slimeball politicians, and all]!


  1. Too bad you're not returning to regular blogging...most of all for the reason quoted: are you giving up on Lebanon?

    Hope to see you back here soon!

  2. "nobody said securing a truly independent secular state was going to be easy", so why give up?
    It has been a pleasure to visit your page daily, and hope for more to come. Just like Bob Marley said "...get up stand up, don't give up the fight..."

  3. Indeed. I hope these are only "vacations". Your views were a refreshing source about Lebanon, and one, in spite or maybe because of its subjectiveness, which was changing us from the ignoramus.

  4. No no, not giving up, just going into a "reduced activity mode" in order to concentrate on a few other projects...

    ...there are still some posts to finish up (A Word About Hizballah, e.g.) and new ones to write...the pace will just be slower.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments and keep up the good work - the most important thing we can do on a personal basis is not provide those politicians and political/paramilitary groups with the moral (and hopefully electoral) validation they need to take this country into the abyss.

  5. I agree this license plate is fake, for if it is was real it wouldn't have a Cedar in it, but rather some Iranian symbol!

    Btw, I wish they go ahead and declare their own Hizbi state, maybe then M14 leaders can take up the issue of partitioning, for I think it's the only hope to salvage a true secular democratic Lebanon from these backward fanatics.


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