Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Breaking News: Bomb Targets American Embassy Convoy

Four people have been reported dead in an explosion which targetted an American Embassy vehicle in the Dora-Karantina district, near the Beirut Seaport.

News services in Lebanon report that the explosion was caused by a remote-detonated car bomb. Images from the scene show the targeted amored embassy SUV as being largely unscathed (save crashing into a storefront) while other [unarmored] civilian cars lay totally destroyed.
Lebanese Premier, Fouad Seniora, has called an emergency cabinet meeting in response to the attack. Meanwhile the Lebanese Army has reportedly taken two people present at the scene of the crime into custody for questioning.

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) has reported that the convoy had been on its way back from the airport. Approximately 20 minutes before the bombing occured a "spontaneous" protest had broken out along a highway leading to the Airport. The area in which the protest broke out is a heavily-controlled Hizballah stronghold. Any link between the two events remains speculative, however.

According to Lebanese news website, YaLibnan, the US Embassy had scheduled a farewell party for departing U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman at the Pheonecia Hotel for that evenning. That event has now been cancelled.

The site also reported the name of an American national injured the attack as: Mathew Claiton. The names of the Lebanese victims have not yet been released.


  1. I would love to see how Hassan can blame this latest terrorist act on Israelis and their Lebanese allies!!!

  2. Orange Storange6:51 PM

    A Lebanese security source told Naharnet the booby-trapped car, parked on the seafront road across the industrial neighborhood, was detonated as the U.S. Embassy's bullet proof Sports Utility Vehicle drove by it.

    Another car, a BMW, was trying to overtake the U.S. Embassy vehicle and "took the brunt of the blast. The two people in the BMW, the driver and the person sitting next to him, were killed," the source said.


  3. Jimmy6:54 PM

    The UN Security Council called a session now to discuss a presidential statement to denounce the Karantina explosion!

  4. Jimmy8:50 PM

    Maybe relevant story.


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