Sunday, January 27, 2008

Breaking News: Army Attacked by Rioters + Gunmen

Hi Everyone,

I really have no time to report on this today, but check the news services and see:

Riots started out in the Chiyyah area with road closures and burning tires. Upon deploying to the area, the Army came under fire from unidentified gunmen. A firefight broke out and one Amal official was killed. Riots are now being reported in other Shiite suburbs around Beirut with the latest development being (you guessed it) a closure of the Airport road with burning tires.

The attacks on our institutions continue with the aim of dismantling the Lebanese state and replacing it with a quasi-Syrian province [slash] Iranian paramilitary front.

Thanks to the inviability of these plans and the historically proven inability of any one side [this time Hizballah] to impose its will on the rest of the Lebanese political/sectarian groupings, these plans will most likely fail. The issue remains, however: what will it cost our country before they do? Syria, Iran and their quislings in Lebanon [starting with Nasrallah, Berri, Aoun, and going all the way down to "the Qansos", Wahhab, and Franjieh] continue to work to ensure that price is high.

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  1. Arabic Coffee Pot7:24 PM

    The Shiites want to tie the immediate fate of their sect to the agents of Syria and Iran.

    They are going to be the biggest losers in this!!

    They should wake up and find another way to work for their community.

  2. Funny how those who demonstrate for not having electricity are the ones who never pay their bills. This is not about the price of bread, electricity, diesel...etc it is purely those turban wearing thugs trying to take over the country. Screw them all, they should not even have representation in the next government. I call for a dictatorship that will rid me of the Hizbollah, Amal and all their allies.

  3. Well, I feel sad for Lebanon (as pretty much every time it comes in European news)... And it is certainly an outrage that its Army is attacked by the people who claim to be faithful citizens. But on the other hand, isn't it also true that Shiites are historically the poorest portion of the Lebanese population, and by far? Is it too much to believe that they could be genuinely angry about their economic misery? I mean, it certainly doesn't excuse shooting at the Army. And It is certainly shameful that some (known pro-Iranian elements) are using this excuse to manipulate them against a legitimate government. But let's face it, they are probably desperate anyway...

  4. alphast,
    Yes the Shia are (or a better word would now be USE to be) the poorest in Lebanon. Why? Because they have kids by the dozen, do not send them to schools (yes we do have public schools), regard sibblings as free manpower and could not care less about learning how to read, right and improve their chances of a better life. The poorest no longer applies, most of the villas in the south are owned by Shia, and they are getting paid by Hizbollah and Iran which are providing them with housing, schooling, medical...etc.
    Attacking the army and fellow Lebanese is an act of treason and they should hang for it.

  5. It seems like I am getting some Shia blood in my veins "write".

  6. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Dozens of illiterate, turning into millions of poor, increases misery wherever it occurs. The belief that there is power in numbers, if they are either illiterate or incapable of embracing novel ideas, does not work in an industrial technological world; education, invention, and entrepreneurship builds prosperity from the bottom up, from an individual to a population.

    The misuse and abuse of humanitarian aide for political purposes, to arm the unarmed and to fester hatred rather than to teach tolerance, does not lead to peace and prosperity—neither in Lebanon nor anywhere else.

  7. tabbouleh1:36 AM

    This blog has apparently reached its sectarian apex....good job.

  8. Tabbouleh, not a single post on this blog is demeaning to any sect.

    Try reading the posts before you start misrepresenting them.

  9. No, that is true jade, I don't find your posts sectarians.

    Though I am afraid some of the comments here are very sectarians indeed. Calling an entire population (Shias in this specific case) profiters is not the sign of a very open mind. I have seen some of the suburbs Shia live in, and it is not pretty. Now, of course, I also agree that their support for Hezbollah and their own ways are playing against them, but this is, again, hardly specific to them. It is a constant in most poor populations in the world. The result of poor education and poor standards of living.

    And yes, I know there are public schools in Lebanon.... ;-)

  10. Alphast,
    I can see how you can perceive my comments as being sectarian. I spent up to 1984 crossing under sniper fire both sides of Beirut (I even got beaten up by almost all militias) because I did not believe in its forced division. I guess my morals have changed after Hizbollah took over. So label me sectarian if you will I wont take offence. I strongly believe that Hizbollah followers (shia) are not people I would trust or live next door to.
    I am an angry Lebanese who is witnessing the change of his country into one resembling down town Tehran. That I refuse!

  11. Hi, it seems you take blogging seriously so keep this up. However, a few weeks after the events, this post looks more like misinformation than blogging. Don't you think?

  12. Oh I don't know about that. What part is misinformation?


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