Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hizballah's Henchmen

Stratfor [or Strategic Forecasting, Inc.] provides a look at Hizballah's top operatives and their links to both Syria and Iran:
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah: is Hezbollah's secretary-general and has been Hezbollah's most pragmatic and charismatic leader -- though his stature has exceeded Iranian limits, and his accommodating attitude toward Syria and Lebanese politics does not sit well with a number of mullahs in Tehran.

Imad Fayez Mugniyah: nicknamed "the Wolf," is Hezbollah's strongman. He has alternately been described as the head of Hezbollah's security apparatus, as the group's chief of intelligence and as its chief of special operations. Mugniyah also has been described by sources as having one foot in Hezbollah and the other in the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security, indicating that his loyalty is to Tehran.


With Mugniyah back in the game, Hezbollah once again is capable of staging major attacks abroad, allowing Iran to raise substantially the cost of a U.S. attack against the country. Mugniyah coordinates with Hashim Abu Fares, Hezbollah's main official in Iran, who does the group's dirty work by training and recruiting operatives for Iraq and for reprisal attacks in the Gulf states.

Wafiq Safa: is Hezbollah's head of security. Safa is one of the founding members of the group and is highly trusted by the IRGC and Nasrallah. Since Nasrallah no longer attends meetings, he depends primarily on Safa for updates. Safa, who is a terse and paranoid leader, takes care of the group's security arrangements, doing everything from arming Hezbollah allies in Beirut to forging automobile license plates to sheltering Syrian agents in the city's southern suburbs. Safa constantly coordinates with Mugniyah and controls most of Hezbollah's centers in the Bekaa Valley. He is known to have an extensive surveillance system throughout the Bekaa, with all incoming and outgoing security reports passing through him.

Hussein Khalil: takes the lead in shaping Hezbollah's political position and activities, as well as communicating with local political forces in Lebanon. He also acts as the group's primary liaison with Syria. Khalil works in collaboration with Sheikh Naim Qasim, Hezbollah's deputy secretary-general. Qasim is widely seen as a hard-liner in the organization and is far more willing to carry out Iran's bidding than to accommodate the Syrians, whom he deeply distrusts. His views toward Damascus consistently put him at odds with Nasrallah.
Readers are invited to leave comments in this post's comments section. The above quote was taken from Stratfor's November 28th, 2007 report titled: Dissecting "The Party of God", and was written by Fred Burton and Reva Bhalla.


  1. Who needs an intelligence agency when you have the internet!

  2. Just a thought. Isn't the internal opposition between pro-Syrians and pro-Iranians going to become Hizbollah downfall? I mean, on paper, Syria and Iran have the same agenda. But that's purely tactical and temporary. What's going to happen if (when) Assad begins to shoot Amahinejad in the back or vice versa?

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  4. Comment10:33 PM

    Didn't Mugniyah disappear years ago...No one knows where he is or what he's doing. He reached his moment of notoriety back inthe 80's with his anti-American operations. But that was pretty much it for him. For all we know he could be working a Deli in Nyc under the name of Sam the Cowboy.

  5. a pile of crap if you ask me. look up the free-fall decrease of STRATFOR's subs. better yet, look up the amount of strat's solicisitations for membership renewal. As for the subject at hand, what is YOUR point?

  6. Arabic Coffee Pot2:39 PM

    After spending years in the shadows, Mugniyah, according to our sources, has re-emerged in Beirut's southern suburbs, where he is busy organizing cells of Shiite operatives from the Arab Gulf states to carry out retaliatory attacks against U.S. interests and pro-U.S. Arab governments in the event of war against Iran.

    So much for your deli theory anonymous [the quote is from the report you didn't bother to check].

    GPC: LOL. If you have to ask what the point is then you're not worth telling! Just remember what country Hizballah pretends to be from and check the quotes again.

  7. Anonymous12:44 PM

    coffee pot,

    It must be so reassuring to the neocon agenda that there are still people like you so willing to believe everything they

  8. Arabic Coffee Pot2:42 PM

    HAHAHAHA! So if I don't want my country ruled by Syria or Iran's proxies I'm a neo-con? wait...thats actually very very sad...people like you are destroying our country.

  9. Anonymous1:21 AM

    coffee pot,
    If you had read my post properly, you would have understood that I didnt say you were a neocon. I said you were an idiot.

  10. Arabic Coffee Pot1:49 AM

    Hahaha, yes you're right, I'm an idiot because I believe that Hizballah takes orders from Iran and Syria...

    ...what do you believe? That Hizballah is interested in the best for Lebanon?

    Haha, I think I know who the idiot is (you!).

  11. Jimmy2:09 PM

    Also check this.


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