Monday, December 17, 2007

Emergency Numbers

Its a hell of a time to do this but I had to do it sometime: I'm going on vacation. In any case, the country [and its crises] aren't going anywhere. Not as long as we have the Syrians trying to retake the country; the Iranians trying to implement their regional agenda on our back - and with our blood; and all their quislings jostling for a piece of the action while the rest of the political class continues to run around like a flock of headless chickens [assassinations do that to you I guess], anyway.

In any case, be sure to check our news and blog feeds on the left [and right] sidebars for the latest updates and in case of emergency, be sure to call the numbers displayed in the video below [courtesy of a Lebanese public safety NGO called YASA].

You can also reach us via email (check my profile) if need be. As for the date of return, unfortunately it will have to wait until after the New Year (sorry, can't be more specific).

So here's to a better year [less assassinations, for starters] and Happy Holidays to all.


  1. Best wishes and happy holiday. As for Lebanon it will still be here upon your return, most probably without a president.

  2. If there's enough room in your luggage, would you be nice enough to smuggle me out of here? destination is of no concern, even zimbabwe would be fine!

    I hope you have a nice and warm holiday, away from politics and anything that might cause incurable headaches.

    As for Lebanon, this little jewel will find a way to survive no matter what.

    Take care and have fun!

  3. Jade,

    I would be very interested in meeting you. I will be in Lebanon this vacation. Care to meet up?

    thelebaneseinnercircle @gmail.c0m

  4. Happy 2008 and my wishes for resolutions for Lebanon and the Region.

    You have a nice blog.

    Would you agree to cross linking our sites? ie I add your link to my favourites and you do likewise.

    Best regards
    Izzat Sajdi

  5. Dear Bloggers,

    my name´s Christoph, I am a 24-year old Germany Student who has lived in Lebanon for some time and engaged in research in Lebanon. At the beginning of this year two colleagues and I went to Lebanon to do survey among 1500 lebanese at more than 20 faculties about political and religious values.

    For a class at university I am these days preparing a fictional Memorandum of Understanding between Hizbollah and Mustaqbal as the two most powerful actors of the opposing camps in order to overcome the current crisis in Lebanon. I´d be grateful for critics and remarks wether the approach is realistic, about the inaccuracies, main misconceptions etc.
    Before stating the fictional Memorandum I am going to list the main interests of the respective movement and the main accusations towards the other.

    You can forward this email to friends.

    Here´s the blog:
    Thank you for contributing!!! Best Wishes!



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