Saturday, December 01, 2007

Celebrating the Murder of the Downtown Economy

Images as seen on Yahoo!News

At least 200 people turned up today to celebrate the one year anniversary of the murder of downtown Beirut's bustling economy by militants and protestors loyal to Iranian-backed Hizballah and other pro-Syrian groups in Lebanon.

The takeover of the downtown area by the groups has forced the closure of 75 caf├ęs and restaurants in the area and led to the loss of 2,750 jobs. All the while, those participating in the closure are rumored to have been receiving payments of between $30 and $50 a day through funds transfered from Iran [and managed by Hizballah].

The tents erected by the groups have remained relatively empty over the past several months but the presence of a heavy security cordone around the encampment has scuttled all tourist activity and left local businesses with little room to operate.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Syria and Iran and their Lebanese proxies have, unfortunately, won the battle with the K.O.. I'm afraid it's over for March 14 and any freedom loving Lebanese...welcome military rule, Hizbostan, Aounistan, Berristan...wait, a second, maybe federalism is better...They did not just murder dowtown, they murdered the Lebanese dream and again the Syrian regime survives all its crimes...

  2. A sad day indeed when a bunch of so called Lebanese celebrated the 1st anniversary of Syrian hegemony (part two "the revenge").
    Amazing how adjectives first uttered by Hassouna were shouted out loud by every single speaker, amalgamated with the notion that the only worthy Lebanese was none other that our dear demented general Micho.
    They have won, their cause is just, their Allah is great; and we are the root of all evil (so they think).
    And still M14 and that cloak wearing idiot in Bkerke sits idle or dares to speak when it is too late.
    Where do we (us true Lebanese) go from here?

  3. Anonymous3:42 AM

    where to go from here ? We immigrate... as always..

  4. Arabic Coffee Pot5:29 AM

    If Suleiman becomes President then Hezbo is in for a big surprise! It will mean that Syria breaks from Iran and sells Hezbo...

    ...they are fudged, and for their troubles (getting rid of Hezbo) the Syrians will get to keep a level of influence over Lebanon...if we're lucky it won't be as bad as before...

    ...don't expect more!

  5. Setting aside the big pic,

    The sit-in epitomizes the 1001 things that are wrong with Lebanon?

    -Illegal protest, no action

    -M8 wins propaganda war when THEY are killing jobs

    -The downtown biz and workers are barely heard from: one small demo one full year after the sit-in started


    Any time the law is ignored gets you closer to lawlessness: what we have today.

    And if you can't make a case against M8 (or counterprotests say in Nabatieh or in Rabieh) when they are hurting everyone and innocent people, you are truly incompetent.

    I mean Hezbo may be insensitive to such arguments but most Aounists???

    Same now, the morons are "celebrating". Where is the counter PR?

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  7. Somehow, it's hard to believe the people in the Camps get any money and certainly not the 30-50 USD a day. Imagine, that would add up to 1,500 USD a month; it that were true, the camp would be full of people, plenty of unemployed in Lebanon who wouldn't mind a nice salary for doing nothing

  8. Maybe even unemployed Lebanese have some personal dignity, after all...


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