Friday, November 23, 2007

Setting the Stage...

...for a coup d'etat?

Lebanon's President Emile Lahoud (C) poses with the army's Chief of Staff Michel Sleiman (2nd L) and officers during Independence Day celebrations in Baabda, near Beirut, November 22, 2007. (Dalatinohra/Reuters)


  1. The answer is most likely no. Most rumors circulating political circles in Beirut point to Lahoud handing over all security powers to the Army while the government takes over administrative duties.

  2. Just check Gibran Bassil's latest statement.. Their plans are starting to take shape.

    - A last minute, impossible to accept salvation plan.
    - salvation plan refused, as expected by it's cooks. (majority takes the blame, score goes for the opposition)
    - Presidential Vaccum (numerous possiblities, let's wait and see what would come out of it)
    - Aoun back as the sole candidate, since the oppositions 'well-intentioned' "historical Salvation Plan" has been turned down.
    - Me or continuous Chaos!

    A military coup d'├ętat seems to be an unlikely option, hopefully.

  3. I guess we'll see if Aoun will use the rejection of his retarded proposal as an excuse to enter into some sort of action in cahoots with the Syrians...

    ...what was his ultimatum deadline again? 10 pm?

  4. score goes for the opposition

    Indeed, and score's been going to the opp. since March 15 of 2005.

    M14 should have put a reasonable proposal forward a month ago, to show their good will, and then given a deadline to vote some ten days ago.

    Still waiting to see when M14 is going to get ONE point on the score board.

    PS Still treating Berri as speaker/mediator/go-between is sheer IDIOCY.

  5. Its interesting that no mention of Berri not being a consensus Speaker of Parliament (but a very biased one) has emerged since Geagea pointed out a few weeks ago that if a consensus President were brought in then a consensus Speaker would also have to be brought in.

    Of course this discussion is about 2 years too late. Berri never should have been given his seat back after the 2005 Parliamentary elections.

    Then again if the majority had insisted on a electoral district division for the South other than the one imposed by Berri-Nasrallah-Bashar, then maybe the election results in those districts would have allowed for a breaking of the Berri-Nasrallah-Bashar hegenmony which ushered Berri back into office and allowed Hizballah to keep their weapons long enough to start the July War...

    ...where does that put the score at Josey?

  6. Lo and behold, Lahoud issues a useless decree handing the country's security over to the Army: Check it here.


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