Friday, November 09, 2007

Orange Bark - Yellow Bite

According to the Orange General, if the parliamentary majority were to exercise its rights and avoid a vaccuum in the executive branch by electing a president via a simple majority, the opposition's regular Joes would be thrown into such a rage that they would raid the Prime Minister's offices - along with other government offices.

Now this isn't anything new, of course. Aoun and the rest of the pro-Syrian opposition have been threatening the country with violent action for months now [did I mention they started a war and staged a mock coup d'etat already?] But I was curious, if push came to shove, would the opposition regular Joes' reaction be...

...reticence and confusion?

Yes. That, at least, according to the last bi-weekly Blacksmiths of Lebanon poll. The poll asked voters what their personal reaction would be to the election of a M14 candidate by simple majority [after November 12th] and how they would translate that reaction into action.

The choice of "opposition" options on the poll provided opposition supporters with a lucid description of the reality of their situation. Faced with that reality, many simply refused to answer. To their credit, those who did answer chose "peaceful demonstrations" as their favored mode of opposition, while [more worryingly] the same percentage of voters chose "civil strife" as "regular parliamentary opposition".

A quick scroll down [along the right sidebar] to our newly added RUMOUR MILLS section, and a click on the FPM Forum added a quick confirmation to the above. For all the talk about the violent popular outrage, most regular Joes would not resort to violence to achieve their means - that sentiment should be lauded.

The same cannot be said about the FPM's allies, however. Reports continue to emerge of intense training and heavy arming of pro-Syrian factions by Hizballah and Syria, respectively.

In a newly released report by the Hariri-owned Lebanese daily, Al-Mustaqbal, "imported partisans" of part-time comedian and full-time Syrian scoundrel, Wi'am Wahhab, were said to be undergoing intensive training alongside other pro-Syrian groups whose ranks have been bolstered with fighters from Syria. Some of those pro-Syrian groups include the PFLP-GC and Fatah Infada [from which Fatah al-Islam was formed] who were reported to have laid mines around their bases in the Beqaa [bases which stretch across the border into Syria] and who, according to the report, have received heavy weaponry from Syria - including armored vehicles and tanks!

As we've highlighted in our other posts, the arming of these pro-Syrian groups is in line with the Syrian regime's strategy of precipitating an outbreak of civil strife and chaos in Lebanon in order to lay the ground for a possible takeover of the Presidency by Army Commander Michel Suleiman [primarily but not exclusively] and hindering of the implementation of UNSC Resolutions aimed at safeguarding Lebanese sovereignty in the face of such interventions.

If push comes to shove in the coming week, look for the presence of these groups among the "popular crowds" that will be attempting a raid on the institutions of the state. And while the Orange media machine continues to undermine its credibility by preoccupying itself with the fictional fabrications of the pro-Syrian propaganda units at Lebanese daily Al Akhbar, Syria's terrorist militia units continue to take up positions, ready to burn the country to the ground and overrun its democratic institutions - yellow flags leading the charge, yellow flags at their head!


  1. They've grown too fat and rich, even those in Hezb and the Marada.

    Hezbo's core may still be motivated, but the "hidden maneuvers" have demonstrated a lack of appetite for large scale stuff, or for sustained fight...

    The Marada have been recruiting hired hands from the Alawi villages in the north; the Zghorta crowd does not want to fight what they see as other's wars...

    So M14 has more "muscle" than it appears, and thus some leverage. I am not sure Hezb will look for a confrontation, but they will if they are cornered. And they sure are cornered now.

  2. Marillionlb1:20 PM

    I do love all those who think that peaceful demonstrations are an option. It saddens me to think that we still have amongst us half witted Lebanese who think they can control a croud of youths and demonstrate within the rule of law. Will all those participating be LEBANESE? Have they forgotten our recent past?
    If (and I do hope we do) we manage elect a president not orange, yellow or green in color; I sure hope that the first order of business of such a president to ensure that all roads remain open, and all unruly demonstrations be delt with swiftly and firmly.

  3. Anonymous6:20 AM

    that picture is worth a million you need more proof who is lebanese


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