Friday, November 30, 2007

More on Suleiman's Candidacy

Talking to a number of "unidentified" March 14th analysts, MPs, and Ministers, NOW Lebanon tries its hand at explaining the March 14th push for Army Commander Michel Suleiman's candidacy for the Presidency and the constitutional amendment it requires:
Furthermore, if Sleiman becomes president, his allies will fill a number of seats in the next government along with ministers drawn from March 14 and the opposition. The Sleiman seats, according to this scenario, will effectively hold the balance of power within the cabinet, denying the opposition a veto-wielding share.


"Most of the March 14 MPs have come to the conclusion that Syria's goal is to create a void at the level of the presidency," said one source.


"The main trump is that the Syrians were about to use Aoun's popular uprising against the Siniora government, saying that the Sunnis have taken the presidential prerogative. This is no longer valid," said a senior Future Movement source.


"The main message the Americans are sending is that Syria can have a veto on every major decision in Lebanon. They [the Syrians] achieved that by killing us without any consequences," said one March 14 source.
The article also contains a behind-the-scenes look at the build up to the group's public backing of the Army Commander for the Presidential seat, and the stances and positions of key politicians behind the move.

Meanwhile, Lebanese politicians and foreign diplomats continue to declare their support for Suleiman.


  1. denying the opposition a veto-wielding share.

    Really? I guess they can't figure out who the "opposition" is. Aoun doesn't get the VETO, Hezbollah doesn't get the VETO... in their infinite wisdom, they will give the VETO to Syria.

    According to the sources, the decision to negotiate Sleiman as the next head of state began more than a week ago, prior to the postponed parliamentary session on November 23 to elect a new president and before Syria announced it would attend the Annapolis Conference.

    So .... they "decided" all this before Annapolis, before any USA/Syria talks and it still makes sense to "blame it all on the USA". I guess that's better than admitting that they just couldn't go the distance, and they are tired of fighting and now willing to just "fold". Fear, intimidation and blackmail have won the day ...... and so has Damascus.

    For those of you who expect any life at all, and have a chance .... get out now. Whatever the "cedar revolution" was - is dead and buried. When a son will give up on justice for his father, why would anyone think there is hope for any Democracy, freedom or Sovereignly in Lebanon?

    I actually blame Michel Aoun for most of this - although it's clear that the USA will end up the "bad guy" in the whole thing. He was the tool that Syria and Hezbollah used to split Lebanon apart ,and the only "good news" in this entire mess is that he will pay for it. The bad news is .. so will the rest of Lebanon.

  2. Arabic Coffee Pot9:31 PM

    Good comment Ace. Aoun...that idiot...and on top of all that, he'll be the most hurt by Suleiman's Presidency. The Christians will delude themselves into thinking Suleiman is their new strong man and they will leave their older delusion called Aoun.

  3. Anonymous3:14 AM

    2 dogs were destroyed by this smart move of March 14, emile lahoud and michel aoun, those 2 with their aids now belong to the garbage of history...

  4. Anonymous5:39 AM

    "The main message the Americans are sending is that Syria can have a veto on every major decision in Lebanon. They [the Syrians] achieved that by killing us without any consequences," said one March 14 source."

    Typical of M14 leaders, blaming someone else for their failures.

  5. Arabic Coffee Pot3:09 PM

    Yes your insight is very deep anonymous: getting assassinated is a failure!

    Do you think at all before writing ridiculous comments or do you just go on moronic instinct?


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