Saturday, November 17, 2007

Douma Game Shut Down!

The one-day old Douma [Lebanese Political Game] on which this blog and others reported yesterday, has been shut down due to "legality problems".

Speaking to the DailyStar, the game's creator gives some insight into the game's creation [but nothing on the reasons behind his game website's closure]:
"We tried, with a medium we know [games], to give the people their given rights as citizens, to control the attitude and decisions of the politicians they elect ... We tried to find another way for the fans to relieve their anger," the creator of Douma, who asked to be identified only as Z.F., told The Daily Star.

The game is clearly a reservoir of the collective political angst in Lebanon. Z.F. said the idea first came to him last December during the early stages of the opposition sit-in.

"My wife and I were trapped for five hours between Bwar and Safra and we couldn't get to work," Z.F. said. "So we sat on a bridge where young people were gathered holding stones and sticks - it was really an awful puppet show where the politicians are safe back in their castles pulling the strings of the people."
So far the site and its owner have remained mum on what exactly the issues of legality that shut it down were. Whatever they turn out to be, those who played the game and those who loved it will have to settle for having loved and lost rather than never having loved at all.


  1. whywesteppin2:42 AM

    I really don't understand why the game would have to be taken down.

    Anyway, I found the game in my cache and I could put it online, but I don't know if I should do so without ZF's approval.

  2. Maybe its illegal to show politicians getting beat up?

    I remember Fatfat threatening to sue because Lahoud told him, and I quote: "baddeh fateftak!"


  3. whywesteppin b3atli yaha, I'll host it wlo

  4. "Legality", eh?

    More like some goons who paid them a visit. I would hope someon would put it on the web, or at least we can "remake" a similar looking game so as not to get the creators in trouble.

    On an unrelated topic. Could anyone email me the files?

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Can you guys please send it to me .. I will host it and advertise it .. This is crazy ... even games getting shut down for "legality problems" ...

    It is seriously disgusting where lebanon is heading to.. Shame on politicians and their sheep!

  6. whywesteppin2:27 AM

    I sent out the game to Jeha and merhej... I couldn't find Moey's email though so I wasn't able to send it to him (my email is my name above @ gmail if you want to contact me).

    The file is just the flash file that you can open in a web browser. The original website also had a section on the bottom that tallied the number of victories for each character in the game, but I don't have that part.

  7. Anonymous3:13 PM

    You wanna know why the site is down, i have the answer. I hacked it down, you might have noticed that the scores were kind of weird at times, that was me. Ok now why they did not say something, that is cause they don't wanna admit such a fact. Legality problems my ass.
    Over and out...

  8. Arabic Coffee Pot4:07 PM

    Why don't you make a use of yourself and hack the hizballah website or something?

  9. After some sleuthing;

    1- It seems that the "legal reasons" invoked by the game's developers are valid, and not political... Or not completely political. I have yet to determine if putting online will cause further trouble for the game's developers.

    2- Some hackers & developers may be copying the concept, or modifying the game. If that is verified, expect to see a downloadable version of the game on the "market" soon.

    ... In any case, in this country of lies, deceit, and rumours, the coming "election" will see yet another serving of crapola that will solve nothing. The game is still afoot, I am afraid.

  10. tayeb where i can download the game...can anyone send me a link or send it to me plzzzzz

    btw that ziad is a genius :)
    thx in advance


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