Friday, November 23, 2007

Lahoud Declares State of Emergency! ... Sort of ...

Outgoing pro-Syrian Lebanese President, Emile Lahoud, has warned of a "risk of a national State of Emergency" due to start at midnight of this night and called on the Army to assume control of the country...sort of.

According to a decree issued on behalf of Lahoud by the Presidential Palace, the Army is ordered to assume responsibility for the preservation of security in the country, giving it jurisdiction over all security bodies.

The move is seen as an attempt to bring under the Army's control those security services normally under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior [primarily the Internal Security Forces (ISF)] and the Ministry of Finance [primarily the Customs Service].

Both the ISF and the Customs Service have been active, throughout the past two years, in curbing the activities of armed pro-Syrian factions inside Lebanon and weapons smuggling across the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Considering the current government to be an "illegitimate one", Lahoud also decreed that the Army is to report to a "national unity" government [i.e. a government in which Hizballah and the rest of Syria's allies in Lebanon have veto capabilities], after such a government is formed.

Under Section 5 of Article 65 [Council of Ministers: Powers] of the Lebanese Constitution, however, any declaration of a state of emergency [or its dissolution] would require a two-thirds majority vote in Cabinet.

According to the same section:
"Executive authority is vested in the Council of Ministers. It is the authority to which the armed forces are subject."
That clause, along with another explicitly stating the Cabinet's (or Council of Ministers') exclusive executive control over the Armed Forces, have led to speculation that the orders issued by the outgoing President could be deamed illegal and ineffectual.



Prime Minister Fouad Siniora rejected outgoing pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud's above declaration, declaring it "invalid and unconstitutional".


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    good luck Lebanon
    i think you will need it.

    I think this is iran's answer to the annapolis peace conf. nassaralah and assard are just the iranian'short shits' lap dogs.


  2. True Blue10:00 PM

    The Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon warned that there will be a civil war if Hizballah's president isn't elected in Lebanon

  3. True Blue10:15 PM

    The US State Department said it considers the government legitimate and said Hizballah will be responsible for violence if it breaks out

  4. Why is Michel Edde not part of your voting?

  5. And you have Riad Salemeh!! It IS the government who said that Riad Salemeh cannot be a candidate.

  6. Hey Jester,

    Good point! The poll was created before the names became official.

    In any case, I guess we're in safe territory as Michel Edde's name seems to have totally dropped off the seen.

    Thanks for voting!

  7. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Everybody get ready, there is a party in all of Lebanon at midnight!!

  8. Yeah so celebrations and fireworks are ongoing in the Tareeq el Jeddeedeh neighbourhood of Beirut.

    Lahoud gave Aoun some serious competition for stupidest remark of the year [its legal to burn tires, the strike was a success, we should hold a referendum - just kidding, we should hold a referendum - not kidding, its ok to play with guns for fun (FPM MP, not Aoun himself), and of course his entire miserable "six-point salvation plan", followed by his return to candidacy...idiot!] with one of his own, claiming - upon leaving the Presidential Palace - that the country is great shape [2 hours after saying the country was close to a state of emergency and attempting to overstep the authority of the PM and establish military rule].

    Good Riddance ya...Mr ex-President...and here's to you taking your two fellow stooge-generals [Suleiman and Aoun] with you!

  9. No, no, don't overreact. Nobody is that dumb. Both sides don't want a war right now, and the opposition already said they could care less that Saniora is in charge.

  10. Anonymous1:59 AM

    what a loser...he went out with a fizzle


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