Monday, November 19, 2007

Ban Handshakes

Images as seen on Yahoo!News


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    what's the use of all this posturing? as we like to say here teetee teetee mitle ma ru7ti mitle ma jeetee. He came he saw he shook hands he left, and nothing has changed.

  2. Useless #-1: Ban Ki

    Useless #-2: Amr Mussa

    Very very scary, both are busy with Lebanon these days.

  3. I wonder what his words of advice were to all of them.

    "Behave boys"?

  4. Anonymous3:26 PM

    LOL Antoun.

    Dark Side of Moon...he is as effective as his predecessor. Not only does he command the helm of the most powerful org in the world but he like his predecessor DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE!

    You guys think these handshakes mean something...well they do..."seeya when i seeya" "SEEYA!"

    Ayesh lubnan

  5. Whatever he said it obviously didn't matter!

  6. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Is "Ban" a verb or a noun? ;)

  7. Please add the LA times blog on your list of blogs on th Middle East

    Raed Rafei
    LA Times Lebanon reporter

  8. funny (and appropriate title)

  9. Arabic Coffee Pot11:17 PM

    wijjo mitl el amar :)

  10. The part that I find most peculiar in all this is the presence of RESIGNED pro-Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fawzi Salloukh.

    How can he be the Foreign Minister, be resigned, be serving in the gov't, and decry it as illegitimate (as per his masters over at Hizballah and co.), all at the same time?

    Just one of the many points of disconnect and illogic proposed by the opposition as a political platform.


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