Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Upgrading + Vote on New Poll!!!

Well since we've started getting comments on the poll here I've decided to you use this post to officially announce it and discuss the previous poll.

Starting with the new one, despite all the Berri "initiatives" and the Bkirki-sponsored "joint committees", Hizballah continues to utter threats if there is simple majority vote (something which will be legal one way or another starting November 12th) and Jumblatt and Geagea continue to hint that any other option looks unlikely.

So here is this week's question, should November 12th come around and a simple majority election were to take place, what would be your reaction?

The poll can be found on our RIGHT sidebar (thats right, we now have two!) in the same place as usual.

The poll replaces a recently ended Blacksmiths of Lebanon poll asking voters whether they truly believed that Hizballah would support Aoun's candidacy for the elections. This blogger, among others, had argued in the past that Hizballah had no interest in seeing Aoun in the presidential chair. Out of the 134 respondents to the poll, 71.6% agreed.


And finally, I think I'm pretty satisfied with the blog's format now so I'll be taking down the under construction sign.

I present you with the new Blacksmiths of Lebanon 3-column template!

Pretty much, the same links and widgets are present as before - minus a few links that I never used (Daily Show, etc...) and plus a revived Cedar Mountain (my Analysis warehouse) feed.

A major change, however, is the use of a Feed-Digest rss feed aggregator as opposed to the single feed widgets available with blogger. The free feed-digest aggregator allows up to 10 feeds so I tried to put up feeds from blogs I regularly read and which, I find, have interesting material. Blogs with low updating frequencies were excluded, however.

The greatest advantage is the functionality of the upgrade is the functionality of the 3-column format, allowing me to use the empty space that used to dominate the left side of the screen and providing users with far quicker access to links, feeds, and resources. The Lebanese blogosphere feed (left sidebar) is now juxtaposed with a list of the Lebanese blogs to which I link (right sidebar) so that if your favorite blog isn't on the feed you can quickly access it.

Anyway, if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, please feel free to leave a comment in this post's comments section. I hope you'll all enjoy the new look as much as I'm enjoying it!

Oh, and keep an eye out for a Nick's Picks of posts (and maybe news items) widget that might make its way onto one of the sidebars!


  1. Let me know if you guys need any help..

  2. Thanks Mustapha, I appreciate the offer and I'll be sure to let you know :)

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    good luck!

    re: the poll, it seems there are some "yes" options missing -- including what my answer would be:

    - yes - in favor - it's better than a vacuum

  4. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment...

    ...my choice of options isn't always perfect and its hard to tailor the options to each and every person's whim.

    With respect to your particular answer, the clause in the constitution stipulating that there be elections - held anywhere and by a majority of any size (so long as its a majority) - if with 10 days left to the final date there hasn't been an election yet, was put exactly to avoid a vacuum.

    So I would say your answer is contained in the first option.

  5. I like the improvements. Much better.

    I guess the only suggestion I would make (or question) is that the link for Dar Al Hayat (English version) is at the bottom of the screen instead of offered at the top next to the Arabic sister site. Inconvenient.

    You have a very comprehensive blog with a lot of good info available. Thanks

  6. ya3teekun 'l 3afieh :-)

  7. Hey guys thanks for your comments.

    Ace I'm gonna mull your suggestion over, thanks.

    And don't forget to vote on the poll!

  8. October 23rd....

    ..."Hizbaallah refuses to name a candidate"...

    ...yeah, they're tripping over themselves to support Aoun! (sarcasm)

    Read it here.


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