Thursday, October 25, 2007

Suspect Fires Return

Update: What the &^*%!

From NOW Lebanon:
A Lebanese woman was arrested today in Chekka, North Lebanon, for starting a fire that destroyed about 10,000 square meters of land over the past two days.

Internal Security Forces (ISF) said in a communiqué that investigations are underway to determine whether there is a link between this fire and those erupting at the North.

Three weeks after suspect blazes were lit all across Lebanon - resulting in over 200 simultaneous fires (started at different times over two days) - the same seems to be occuring, albeit on a slightly small. This from Naharnet:
Wild fires raged across tinder-dry forests of north and south Lebanon Wednesday as choppers from the nearby Island republic of Cyprus tried to help combat tongues of flame threatening population centers.

Interior Minister Hassan Sabaa pointed an accusing finger at unidentified assailants charged of starting the fires.

"The big question is: how did these fires start late at night and in areas that are not linked to the road network," Sabaa told Voice of Lebanon radio.

He disclosed that in the "Eioun al-Samak region of the Minyeh district residents observed smoke billowing from the nearby mountain, they innocently headed to the source of smoke to extinguish the blaze, but they were shot at."

"This supports suspicion that these fires are intentional," Sabaa added.


In south Lebanon tongues of flame shot up in the sky from pine and oak forests of south Lebanon's Bisri-Sfarai region, according to police.

Civil Defense teams operating fire engines sprayed olive and orange groves surrounding the region with water to prevent the spread of fires as other teams of volunteers tried to help in combating the spreading inferno.

An official at the Civil Defense directorate reached by telephone told Naharnet: "We are carrying out a double mission, on the one hand we combat the forest fires and, on the other, we try to prevent the blaze from reaching population centers."

He attributed the fires to the long summer and dry land.


  1. Cedar Freedom Byblos Free6:05 PM

    Hey. Did you hear about the fires in San Diego, CA? I think they were intentional too. How else could so many fires and on such a scale be allowed to happen?
    My god! The Syrians and their mukhabarat are everywhwere!
    First Greece, and now the USA.
    Where's spiderman when you need him?

  2. Arabic Coffee Pot11:15 PM

    Where do these douchebags come from?

    How about this for logic:

    A man suspected of robbing a house in Finland, meanwhile another house in Sudan is robbed. The suspect in Finland couldn't have been involved in the Sudan burglary, THEREFORE (and this is genius), he couldn't have committed the burglary in Finland!


    Hey Idiot commentator, you give the Homs school of thought a bad name..

  3. Anonymous5:22 AM

    The Syrians are in Finland too?


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