Wednesday, October 24, 2007

St. George Hotel Debate

As a person not too familiar with the issue, I am always interested in any information to come out on the St. George Hotel and the complete debacle surrounding it.

On that note, Fink Ployd, over at Blogging Beirut, has put up an interesting post about the St. George Hotel and its saga, which has been ongoing since the end of the civil war. The post is ripe with photos, videos, and a translated speech by the owner of the hotel.

The story of the St. George Hotel has proved a divisive one for years now, with many families in Lebanon decrying the tactics and business practices of SOLIDERE while others defend it and its actions and motives, claiming it is solely responsible for the regeneration of Beirut's downtown in the years after the end of the civil war.

In a post published last July, we highlighted a NOW Lebanon article tackling the issue of the Politics of Property in Lebanon. The St. George Hotel was among the properties examined as part of that article:
Despite rumors, Solidere has not prevented the hotel from renovating, nor has the company yet offered to buy the hotel property. However, the loss of the marina coupled with a lack of compensation has made restoration of the hotel financially non-viable for the time being. Solidere could not be reached for comment on the St. Georges.
Read the entire NOW Lebanon - St. George Hotel piece here. Whoever may be right, and whatever the case may be, both pieces are definitely worth a read/listen if you're interested in getting familiar with the subject (videos on Fink Ployd's post are in Arabic, with the first being from [the March 1th affiliated] LBC and the remaing three from [the Aoun affiliated] OTV).

Update: The debate continues at Blogging Beirut with the addition of two new videos (we'll let you know when the remaining two come online) chronicling the hotel's history, along with a "legal analysis" of the the conflict between Solidere and the St. George Hotel [Disclaimer: I haven't read the legal analysis and even if I had, I'm not a lawyer, so I can't vouch for how credible it is. Whatever the case may be, however, check out the videos and let us know your opinion on the matter in this post's comments section.]


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    The owner of the St George helped the Syrian officers murder Hariri in 2005. He declared his evil hate against the former PM many times and was ready to work with the devil...

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM


    You have clearly not taken your meds for the day..have you?

    But just out of do YOU know who killed hariri? Were you there when they prepared and planted the bomb? Why haven't you come forward before to give crucial evidence?

    We all await your answers.

    We also hope against hope that you aren't just another uneducated conspiracy troll that was passing by and decided to leave us a dropping!

    Ayesh Lubnan


  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Considering the Owner of The St. George Hotel and Yacht Club was seriously injured in the Hariri Assassination explosion, and that 5 of his colleagues at St George died within meters of him, I'd have to say you've got your facts wrong.

    Did you know, for example, that there were two explosions (a relatively small one, followed by a massive one)? How could you have known, if you weren't there...?

  4. Anonymous2:28 AM

    I know both the onwer the operator, and no the owner was not there, there were only the operator and the poor workers...all the details I know are already known by the IT team, soon you will hear the fireworks and cry blood in sorrow over your jailled idols

  5. True Blue6:26 AM

    Anon 4:46

    About the smaller explosion - do you mean that someone knew there was going to be a big one and so tried to kill the St. George Hotel owner with the smaller one?

    If not, then what else?

  6. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Some unknown idiot is saying he knows the operator of the St George. We know for sure there are no operators in the St George. We know for sure that the Guy in charge who is one of the owners was there and injured. So you who is saying otherwise are probably an ******* or just leaving a dropping as Shunkleash rightly said


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