Wednesday, October 03, 2007

March 14th Candidates Talk

Two of the county's leading presidential candidates, both Cedar Revolutionaries from the March 14th camp, gave interviews to Lebanese english-language websites this week. Below are links to former MP Nassib Lahoud's interview with Lebanese weekly Monday Morning and MP Butros Harb's interview with NOW Lebanon:

Butros Harb -- Nassib Lahoud


  1. English language interviews with other presidential candidates are welcome too by the way...

    ...just post the links in this comments section.

  2. Among the two... I *slightly* prefer Boutros Harb.

    ► Just as long as we have a Strong President, which is truly a vacant seat for the Christians in Lebanon; rather than to have a Sunni movement headed by the Future Movement with scattered Christians, and on the other a Shiite movement headed by Hezbollah and also have part of the Christian community. Christians are weak and divided and must follow their movement leaders.

  3. Nassib Lahoud went on to give his own interview with NOW Lebanon.

    Read it here.

  4. Jade, do you have a favourite?

  5. Hehe, Nadim I think you're asking because you want me to say Nassib Lahoud.

    I'll be honest with you, I think Charles Rizk would be an interesting choice for the post. I like his decisions throughout his visible political career and the way he's comported himself thus far. So I guess my first choice would be Charlie.

    Nassib Lahoud I have tremendous respect for. Having lived in the Metn - and been my anti-Syrian-occupation-self - I empathise with the guy and all the crap he had to put up with from Michel el Murr. Also, I think it took a lot of balls to take the stances he took in Parliament while the Syrians were still manning checkpoints in Lebanon. Unfortunately, one can't reverse realities on the ground, and the reality is that he did lose his seat in the Metn to a candidate from Aoun's list. I'd hate to see Aoun as president (although he isn't my last choice), but I think that loss puts a dent in Nassib's presidential hopes - just as the last Metn elections put a dent in Michel Aoun's hopes.

    Side by side with Nassib Lahoud in his parliamentary stance against Syrian hegemony while it was going on was Butros Harb. As far as I can tell there are no widely acknowledged blemishes on his record but, as always, there are rumours - namely that he is closer to the pro-Syrians than one would think. In any case, I think he deserves our support for his past stances and might make a fine President.

    At the end of the day, I'd take any of these three over any other candidate.

  6. That's one balanced opinion Mister Jade. :)

    But don't you think the last elections in Metn more or less reversed the damage done in 2005?

    And why should metnis (no offence) decide who the whole of lebanon's president should be?

  7. Here is another Monday Morning interview, this time with Michel Aoun on his presidential bid.



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