Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Laughable Letter

Bashar's latest letter to Ban Ki Moon is laughable at best. Lets take a look at the Syrian characterization of what plagues Lebanon today.

"Syria is completely ready to establish full diplomatic relations with a Lebanese government that believes in friendly relations and not hostile ones like the current Siniora government," the letter said.

Hm. How friendly is friendly? Having the Syrian President describe the Lebanese President as his representative in Lebanon sounds pretty friendly. Having Syrian intelligence apparatuses 'lean' on Lebanese Parliamentarians sounds pretty friendly to me. How about basing 40,000 Syrian troops in Lebanon, does that sound friendly enough for Mr. Assad?

Funny then that throughout the 15 years of Syrian domination of Lebanon - in which all of the above took place - not a single effort was exerted by the Syrian regime to establish formal diplomatic ties with Lebanon. On the contrary, in every instance that they could, the Syrians forced onto the Lebanese a recognition of the "brotherly" ties between the "sisterly" nations of Lebanon and Syria. They did it in the Taef Accords, they did it in our reconstituted Army's charter, they've done it at every Arab or regional conference we've attended, and they've done it with every Lebanese government in which their cronies have been involved. In place of embassies, the regime established the Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council - a defunct grouping of regime cronies without a single beneficial contribution to their name in over fifteen years.

Lets move on.

"The question of establishing diplomatic relations and demarcating the border can be settled by mutual agreement between the Syrian government and a Lebanese government which does not act as an enemy of Syria."

Oh, I see. So then given that the Syrian regime controlled every government in Lebanon from December 1990 up until July 2005, it should stand to bear that there were absolutely no border disputes throughout out that time. Too bad reality doesn't actually conform with the "hot dish" the Assad regime continuously tries to serve the world (a dish swallowed whole by many, mind you).

Shebaa anyone? Oh theres many examples but lets start with that one. To this date, and starting in 2000!, the Assad regime refuses to formally declare their stance on the sliver of land on which Lebanon's entire regional and defense policies were formulated [by the regime for us, of course] from 2000 to the Syrian withdrawal and, in part, to today. The Lebanese government has been demanding (ever since they regained the capability to demand anything from the Syrians) for mutual delineation of the border, and specifically Shebaa, since its formation in 2005.

Three percent. Three percent of our territory, thats how much Lebanese land Syria still occupies. That is the estimate given by a UN committee sent to investigate the state of the Lebanese-Syrian border. That committee also found wide evidence of weapons smuggling from Syria into Lebanon - to groups affiliated with the Syrian intelligence apparatus and through cross-border bases manned by Syrian controlled PFLP-GC militia fighters.

What else...

"Syria notes with regret that certain Lebanese parties with the support of foreign powers have adopted extreme attitudes, which do not at all allow the establishment of the better relations desired by Damascus".

...yes, I suppose seeing your Parliamentary colleagues getting blown up and shot up by Syrian assassins does tend to put a sour note on things. But then again maybe its the assassinations ordered by the Syrian regime - and not the attitudes in response to them - that should be corrected...

...just a thought.

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