Friday, October 05, 2007

Intelligence Apparatus on Militia Training

Al-Akhbar, a Lebanese daily closely linked to Hizballah and to pro-Syrian elements within the Lebanese Army, revealed today transcripts related to a seven hour cabinet-security meeting held in the wake of the assassination of Lebanese MP Antoine Ghanem last week.

According to the paper, Lebanese Army Intelligence chief, Gen. George Khoury, reported on the presence of Bekaa camp operated by Hizballah and used to train members of former General Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), the Syrian Socialist National Party (SSNP), and partisans loyal to pro-Syrian politicians: Wiam Wahab, Talal Arslan, and Zaher Khatib.

The paper also reported that Internal Security Forces Intelligence chief, Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, revealed that a camp setup by the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) in the Chouf town of Baaklin - and used to train former wartime militants of the group - had been shutdown. That decision, according to the paper, came after al-Hassan personally intervened with the PSP's leader, Walid Jumblatt, to that end. Al-Hassan also confirmed Khoury's assertions on the (above-mentioned) Hizballah training camp and its attendance by SSNP and FPM partisans.

On the subject of the Lebanese Forces (LF), the two generals disagreed with Khoury claiming former militants of the LF were undergoing training in mountainous areas in the districts of Jbeil, Bcharre and Kesrouan, and al-Hassan claiming that that information was inconclusive.

Partisans of the Future Movement (FM) were known to have independently purchased up to 500 rifles, according to al-Hassan, while the party itself was said to have been setting up private security firms.

On the subject of the Hizballah-led downtown sit-in, Khoury claimed "he didn't know" whether or not protesters occupying Beirut's Riad el Solh square had acquired weapons, but that the Army was ready to move on the protesters and search their camps if ordered to do so by the government. The government, according to Information Minister Ghazi Aridi, has not signaled its intent to give such an order.

No Laughing Matter

Meanwhile, the ISF issued photographs of FPM partisans engaged in paramilitary training activities after the group launched a media attack on the security service for its arrest of two of its partisans.

According to the Naharnet news website, FPM MP's representing the Jbeil constituency issued a statement terming the ISF's intelligence branch a "militia", and declaring that it had "kidnapped" two of its partisans.

The website also reported that,
The military judiciary, in charge of cases related to state security, ordered the arrest of the two suspects and issued a warrant for the weapons' owner, the police statement added.

It stressed that it was releasing the photographs of the suspects to inform the Lebanese people of the evidence that led the force to shoulder its responsibility in preventing any one from fiddling with the nation's security.
For its part, the FPM described the pictures (the rest of which can be found on the LF website - of course) as old and having been taken on a cell phone and described those in the pictures as belonging to FPM leader Michel Aoun's personal bodyguard...

...decide for yourselves:


  1. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Maybe I'm just too high, but I smell an FPM video game...

  2. By the way,

    I was hesitant about putting up the pictures of those FPM partisans training - seeing as their just a bunch of silly university students who got carried away - but then decided that anyone stupid (on a personal, political, national level) enough to go through such an exercise (and paint his face while he's at it) deserves to [be arrested and] have his face up on the internet.

  3. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Funny but um, anyone get the feeling that the chicks in the pic look just a little too butch...can anyone say "COMANDO"?:-)

    LOL...I feel so much safer now

  4. Anonymous6:24 AM

    I choose to believe....

    ....that these people are idiots...

    ...and that the pix weren't taken on a cell phone....

    ....and that they are not Aoun's bodyguards...otherwise he'd be dead by now...due to falling down a staircase or something!

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    This a scoop, Aoun will fight to the last idiotic aounist to become president, then he will lose. He is a historical loser matched by none other than his excellency PM Omar Kaami. Dude, these guys have to compete on the award of the most retarted lebanese politician...stiff competition i must say... then once those fafi and papi-look-at-my cell-fone aounis dudes lose as always, the general will flee with his Pyjamas to Paris, oh Excuse me, Tehran, or would his idiotic excellency prefer Damascus ? You decide for youselves based on these stupid pictures...seriously Aounists should get a life..

  6. Gen. Ashraf Rifi, head of the ISF issues a statement on the incident and the FPM:

    Click Me!

  7. Arabic Coffee Pot6:14 PM

    The FPM is threatening protests unless their militiamen-in-training are released from jail.

  8. Thx ACP, I just read it on Naharnet.

    Haha, not satisfied with having produced such memorable quotes as "the strike was a success", and "burning tires is legal", another Aoun has uttered this gem:

    "They were just out having fun with real weapons..."


  9. Naharnet may have mistranslated the line "they were just out having fun with real weapons". Then again, their mistranslation may have actually improved on the stupidity...

  10. The Lebanese government commissioner at the Military Court Judge Jean Fahd on Saturday decided to release two activists from Gen. Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement, the state-run National News Agency said.
    It said Fahd decided to free Dario Qdeih and Elie Abu Youness, pending trial.


  11. Am I the only person in Leb without a rifle under my pillow?

  12. What a bunch of idiots...

  13. ...and the idiocy continues...

    Elie DH has pix of a group of young men wearing "Mourabitoun gear" and posing around one gun.

  14. More militia talk...

    ...this time in the Western Bekaa.

  15. Even more idiocy with guns...

    Click Me!


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