Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Comical Interlude

Below are a couple of videos that will, hopefully, allow some people to see the more ridiculous side of our politics and politicians before its too late (and they end up with their pictures all over the internet).

One video I particularly wanted to put up, after Nasrallah's ludicrous speech yesterday, was of a Lebanese comedy skit in which a comedian impersonates Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and a conversation he is having with American Ambassador to Lebanon, Jeffrey Feltman. Here is a loose translation:

Berri: Who is assassinating the March 14th politicians?
Feltman: I can't tell you who exactly, but I can tell you its a neighborly country who's name starts with the letter "S"...

Enjoy the vids:



  1. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Hahahaha!! thank jade!

  2. Thanks jade,

    The Berri bit is hilarious.

  3. hahahaha... beautiful post today!

    It's good to see out politicians laugh instead of bicker fight.

    Last Video... sstez Marcel Ghanem looked so young... I miss C33, MTV, where is the Francophone side of Lebanon???

  4. Anonymous4:40 PM

    thanks for the chuckle. i know you are fed up with the political situation in lebanon. i don't even follow anymore because it is the same story day in and day out. this was a nice change.

  5. Nasrallah's speech instigated a discussion on referendums for the election of a president.

    Here is an analysis piece I wrote on that several months back (when Nasrallah's stooge, Aoun, mentioned it).


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