Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wahhab Threatens to Fire on Lebanese Customs Agents

Check out this article from NOW Lebanon.

Given the flurry of news and noise over the past few days and my irregular posting (expect that to continue for a while longer), this article seems to sum up everything that needs to be known. If you’ve been reading the news then reflect on every word in this article, every character, threat and action, and you’ll have a sense of what is happening and being planned in the shrouded halls and salons of the country’s henchmen.

PS – NOW Lebanon was first to break the Hizballah-training-camps story which, it would appear, Syria's useful-destructive-idiot confirmed today.

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  1. Wi'ma wahab is only standing for the right to arm bears. And they say bears are extinct from Lebanon.

  2. don't forget, when you go to the polls, vote rashid karami for president. (don't waste your vote on anybody else.)

    and don't forget,
    رمضان مبارك مش حسني مبارك

  3. Anonymous10:34 PM

    ibn bint jbeil: ur joke is as lame as ur blog.

  4. Anonymous4:59 AM

    arrest him god damn it

  5. About Now lebanon
    Well dunno if you have noticed, they do not have any adverstisement
    According to an article published in the Commerce du Levant, they are claming they have 25 journalists (professionals) but most of their signatures comes from the blog sphère, they claim they have a 25000 USD/month budget, they are claiming themselves to be close to the 14 of march, so they are competitors of the naharnet web site.

    We do not need biast and oriented information like al manar or now lebanon or whatever. We need neutral informations to bring the lebanese to dialogue


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