Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here's a little quip for all of y'all:
And when the day arrives for Aoun to come clean about his military wing, his so-called Soqour or Hawks, he will claim, in that endearing and brusque manner no doubt, that he had no choice. Everyone else was gearing up for a scrap. He had to be prepared.
The government yesterday confirmed, in conjunction with security services and after a seven hour "security meeting" with the heads of the country's security services, the presence of paramilitary training camps operated by the country's opposition forces and including such armed groups as the SSNP, Hizballah, Marada, and Amal, alongside previously unarmed groups such as Aoun's FPM.

And for those of you who find such scenarios as the arming of Lebanese factions hard to conceptualize, below is a video of Marada celebrations in 2004, after their leader Suleiman Franjieh was appointed Minister of Interior. A position he attained through intense Syrian pressure (in replacement of Elias el Murr) and which he held at the time of the Hariri assassination, itself an operation in which the presence of a staunchly pro-Syrian Minister of the Interior would have acted as a major facilitator.

But enough about that, here's the video...enjoy!


  1. Look at the Iraqi civil war today. The media claimed for months before the tragic massacres that civil war was going to erupt, and scared people.

    They showed people demonstrating, and chanting slogans, sending fear into their opponents hearts to react in self defense.

    Then, bombs starting going off, then kidnappings.

    There is a lot to be said for that.

    The sectarian violence in Iraq and the social anatomy of Lebanon forces people to talk in terms of sects. It is our long buried, new standard of labeling ourselves.

    When we should be focusing on the main task after the Syrian withdrawal. We all demonstrated on March 8 and March 14 for the future and benefit of Lebanon. This achievement is granted to all of us as a nation. We showed the world we can be highly democratic, even more so than Israel, which holds its civic democratic title.

    We were civil, and proved primarily to ourselves to be disciplined people, all under the eyes of the west. Proud of our identity, and especially of our diversity.

    We, Christians, Muslims, Druze state we are Lebanese. We all fall under that patriotic banner. Thats one identity we hold. That should be our identity to the external world.

    Locally, we are Christians, Sunnies, Shiites, and Druze; This diversity is not a problem, on the contrary, it is another identity (not that we take it very seriously, going to church or mosques), but rather ought take the matter sincerely.

    Religions were never intended in changing the world, but rather in changing ourselves, with unintended world-changing results.

    An old Chinese wise man once said, that Diversity is the spice of life, where you wouldn’t know ‘one’ without the ‘other‘.

    I as a Christian, ‘need’ Muslims, from them, I learn and know more about me, if not to simply, find what is the fuss that makes me different. It is not a matter of I have to live with them. On the contrary. I WANT to live with them.

    If we were all from One Color, we wouldn’t notice that color, because it would be the only one that exists. So, we need this exotic diversity.

    But nonetheless, religion in Lebanon is an ‘identity’ and we should be proud of it, regardless of what you are labeled.

    We… from all sects and political affiliations or ideological inclinations… Love Lebanon. The media today is claiming that the government Loves Lebanon -more-than-the opposition loves Lebanon or vice versa depending on what letter the media outlets name starts with.

    Notice that its the same cause. I’m speaking of the people of Lebanon, not our elected minority, which are the people who actually hold our fate and to some degree work for us, from Sayyed Nasrallah to Geagea, to Jumblat to Seniora. We hardly see them in our everyday lives anyway. Have you ever met Walid Jumblat buying a Falafel in Beyrouth?

    Not me, but our diverse society IS everyday around us.

    Therefore, having them speak in the name of our specific sect, which happens to be the same as some of theirs, affects us, primarily in the first degree. Hence, any talk about sect in our society, cannot be Lebanese, as it achieves only the weakness of the structure of our country as an organism.

    I would rather, the pro-government blaming the Syrian government for ANY tragic incidences, and the opposition blaming Israel, than to ever set the blame on my fellow Lebanese.

    We are staying side by side for centuries to come. If we were able to magically throw a people out of a nation and claim it our own (which ever side you are on), the Palestinians could have been disappeared from Israel alo-ong time ago.

    So, I for one… “want” to live side by side with my Lebanese compatriot. I am not using nice sentences to sway you. This is my honest, and full pledged cause.

    Since, I cannot get rid of the ‘other’, I refuse to let any foreign power get between me, and my Lebanese compatriot, because they will go back to their country when things won’t work, and we Lebanese will be faced with each other in Lebanon; In our daily occurrences, our every day errands, building Lebanon… and most importantly, not forgetting to play.

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Hmmmm, don't bullets have to come down. I suppose if someone dies it will be okay since they are doing it because their stinking zaim was appointed interior minister.

    In any event and as par for the course, these guys have their brains in their EIRS! IN fact they are EIRS if they support the marada man "aka traitor".

    Ayesh Lubnan

    Shunkleash said so

  3. Anonymous12:12 AM

    It seems that SSNP militiamen and some former soldiers (who are short a few fuses) are training to be Aoun's dogs - and by extension, Syria's dogs.

  4. Sorry to intrude on Jesterr's soliloquy, but I would only like to point out;

    سلاح ب إيد الخرى بيجرح

    We're some people killed back then? Also, I recall a few were killed as a result of celebrations when Berri was "elected" speaker of Parliament by the same blokes who are now "trying" to elect a president. One of them was blow up by a hand grenade; must have a short throwing distance.

  5. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I hope March 8 militiamen die a very painful death

  6. Jimmy1:02 AM

    The training seems to be under the guise of "private security firms". Fancy dressing for the same old garbage!

  7. That video is one of the most digusting things I've seen in a while.

    What a mentality our people show, huh? And we're supposed to be deserving of a country of our own? Hah! We're supposed to be deserving of a Democracy, nonetheless?

    I am looking at these folks and wondering how freaking dumb they are. Seriously. Why would anyone want to fire a weapon into the air? What kind of celebration is that?

    This kind of thing makes us Lebanese look like the most backwards idiots on the planet. And we might just well be, considering.

  8. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Then you haven't seen this video high...it has a funny thing to it.


  9. Jimmy3:44 AM

    I think Jester was high when he wrote his "soliloquy"!

  10. Arabic Coffee Pot5:52 AM

    Anybody notice that cop in the first few seconds!!?

    Ahhhhhhhh what a joke!


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