Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Poll: Hizballah on Aoun's Presidency!

Here's a poll question long overdue: Does Hizballah Really (really really) support Michel Aoun's bid for the presidency?

The poll is already up and running so feel free to vote on the right side bar. All comments are welcome in this post's comments section, so don't be shy about letting us know your thoughts on the subject and the poll. And finally, don't forget to follow results using the Poll Results link under the sidebar poll.


  1. When Aoun and Nassrallah first signed the agreament, Aoun told us that he was going to "bring Hezbollah back to Lebanon". Hezbollah is still Hezbollah, I don't know what they did to Aoun but he is the one becoming more like them, so I guess Yes he is really Hezbollah's candidate!

  2. Orange Storange1:55 AM

    He'd have to be Shiite to really be their candidate - lets never forget they're a fundamentalist group who still believes an Islamic state is the best cure for all ailments.

  3. Hizballah's and Aoun's agenda's don't co-incide. He is anti-syrian interference and they are pro-syrian interference because of the syrian-iranian alliance and the weapons route. All their support for him is lip service, since he makes their opposition look less sectarian. I seriously doubt they gave a damn about his platforms. Also don't forget Aoun was an army man, and at one point as president, he would surely butt heads with them about the issue of weapons. No way do they really want him, that's why they are leaving it up to Berri to sort out a consensus candidate, which means not Aoun.

  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble but when it comes to grabbing the presidency Aoun is decrepyte, deranged, and cynical he will be pro-syrian just to attain the cosy seat Lahoud now occupies. Behind the curtains you don't know what deals Aoun is forging. Just by siding with Hizbullah he already showed that his credebility is for sale.


  5. Everyone forgets - this is not about the President at all and it never was. This is about the Ministers. Aoun would be President today if they would give him control of the Cabinet and their would be no problem with Nasrallah if he had control of the cabinet. The President does not really DO anything, the battle is for the Ministers. The alliance between HA & Aoun is for control of the Cabinet, but after that - they each have their own 'agenda' to use that 'control'.

  6. Well .. of course I meant to say that M14 would accept Aoun as President if he would give up control of the cabinet. Duh


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