Friday, September 28, 2007

Hizballah: We'd Complicitly Kill Lebanese to Protect Syria

Syria's allies in Lebanon announced, on Thursday, that they would be willing to ignite a conflict with Israel on Lebanese territory - thereby unilaterally placing the lives of Lebanese citizens at risk - if Syria were attacked by Israel.

The coordinated statements by Hizballah and the PFLP-GC, two organizations with strong links to Damascus - come as tensions between Syria and Israel continue to run high.

Last summer, Hizballah unilaterally ignited a war with Israel which resulted in the deaths of over 1200 Lebanese citizens, and which resulted in the destruction of critical infrastructure throughout the country.

That war came at a time when Lebanese parties were participating in an extra-institutional national dialogue aimed at reducing tensions between the parties and addressing critical national security needs.

Before being unilaterally aborted by Hizballah's ignition of the July War, the national dialogue sessions had succeeded in the draft of a statement politically green-lighting a government order for a disarmament and dismemberment of Syrian-controlled Palestinian groups operating outside the country's refugee camps.

These included, most notably, Ahmad Jibril's PFLP-GC group and the various military installations it controlled throughout Lebanese territory and, most dangerously, along the Syrian border - a position from which it continues to receive illicit weapons shipments from Syria.

The specific timing of that war also coincided with a national dialogue session meant to address Hizballah's possession of a massive weapons stockpiles and highly developed paramilitary infrastructure. That session, after having been postponed by one week from its originally scheduled date by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri - the chief 'sponsor' of the talks and a staunch Syrian ally, was preceded by the launching of the Hizballah operation that ignited the war.

The national dialogue sessions were seen by many observers as having been a conciliatory concession on the part of the recently elected Parliamentary majority. The specific concession took the form of allowing the country's minority opposition to draw the majority into national political dialogue outside the national political institution to which such a dialogue is meant to be restricted, i.e. Parliament.

Added to that attack on the institution of Parliament was the Speaker's refusal to convene a Parliamentary session in March of 2007 - in contradiction to a constitutional stipulation on the convening of the first of two annual Parliamentary sessions, and a continued assassination campaign of members of the Anti-Syrian Parliamentary majority that has resulted in the shrinking of the number of seats constituting that majority.


  1. I don't really expect this surprises anyone. Does it?

    Me? I just wonder why some Lebanese still choose to live in denial about Hezballah and some of their allies, even when Hizballah itself announces its intentions to all.

  2. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Nope, not surprised...but as you correclty state VB it speaks volumnes about the loyalty of those who persist in aligning themselves with Hizbteezee or any of the other jokers that proliferate in lebanon.

    Question though...and maybe hizbteezee can answer this one. How come, if bashar (and syria by extension) is as strong as a lion and can beat up everyone in the sand box why does hizbteezee need to defend it...or is this part of the general all encompassing zionist conspiracy that israel made hizbteezee say this so that it can make Syria look bad?

    C'mon repeat after me all you brainless hizbteezee drones...SHUNK - LEASH!...SHUNK -LEASH!...SHUNK - LEASH!

    Ayesh Lubnan

  3. Arabic Coffee Pot10:24 PM

    Here's a better question, how is Bashar Assad not a collaborator when he drones on and on about wanting peace with Israel, while anyone in Lebanon who says that Hizballah's weapons should be integrated into the Army is automatically labelled a Zionist collaborator by the group.

    Or how about the question of why Nasrallah isn't classified as a collaborator when he is gushing like a little girl about how much he loves Bashar - even while Bashar continues to assassinate countless Lebanese.

    Just a question...

  4. Anonymous10:43 PM

    An observation by an Israeli.
    Any fool can start a war but not even the most clever man can tell how it will end.
    Unlike many Isralies I will not try and predict the results of the next Israeli Lebanese war. I just hope it will never happen.
    This I know, Israel will do its best and than more to have better results than the in the last one. Still any body who will predict the outcome of this most unwanted war is a fool
    One thing can be said, it will be much more, very much more, destructive and lethal than the last one.
    Can some body please tell it to the idiots who still want Lebanon to be the tip of the spear of Syria and all the Arabs.

  5. Thats the point we've been trying to make!

    Check out the second-last paragraph in this post during he July War in 2006.

  6. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Blacksmith Jade and others,

    We all know that israel and the middle east generally missed a great opportunity to dilute the poison that runs over our borders and bespoils our land. In fact, i am of the view that a properly led ground offensive would have brought hizbteezee to the table and in fact the "cessation of hostilities" nonsense was a direct result of interference by weeping willoww PM. It was and remains evident to me, he that his game of shaysh baysh was to save hizbteezee. He must have assessed that saving face for hizbteezee would give him strength in a post hositlity environment. He and his masters were wrong and we must now pay. Whereas, hizbkharrah was on the verge of collapse it is now on the verge of becomming a permanent part of the political and social landscape.

    However that is not so much the problem now. The biggest travesty of all has been the "post war" weakness and deliberate fawning of our politicians in either failing to grasp oppotunities fully when they were handed to them or they were just hamstrung by an inability get out of their (lets not offend honour and dignity) bullshit mindset.

    Regretably, our pols have taken the biblical reference of do unto others as you would have them do unto you to closely. They should have been behaving more like smite the neck of thy enemy before his katyusha rumbles up thine ass!

    Ce la vie...we all have crosses (or crescents if you prefer) to bear nes pa?

    Ayesh Lubnan


  7. Arabic Coffee Pot6:57 PM

    Hizballah has been trying to create realities on the ground so that eventually they can impose whatever they want - with their guns.

    We can take them on now or later - but they are taking us to war!


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