Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breaking News: Explosion in Beirut - Updated!

MP Antoine Ghanem Assassinated!

A massive explosion is being reported in the Horsh Tabet neighborhood of Beirut, near the Metropolitan Hotel and the Librarie Antoine.

Six people have been reported dead in the explosion, along with over 15 injured. The explosion is said to have occured at 5:20 pm, local time.

Images from the scene show the bodies of at least two victims lying dead on the sidewalk. The explosion is said to have left a large crater.

Reports emerging out of Lebanon have confirmed the targetting of Member of Parliament, and possible Presidential candidate, Antoine Ghanem.

Ghanem was an MP in the Baabda-Alley district, just south-east of Beirut. He is a member of the Kataeb Party headed by former President Amine Gemayel. Gemayel's son, Pierre Gemayel, was gunned down last November as part of a series of assassinations targetting anti-Syrian politicians in the country.

Watch live coverage of the scene of the attack and assassination here.

In pictures:

Pictures as seen on Yahoo!News
REUTERS/KHalil Hassan (LEBANON) and REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir (LEBANON)


  1. Oh Sweet Lord!! Not Again.

    Khalass to both ISRAEL and SYRIA!

  2. Arabic Coffee Pot7:07 PM

    This is what happens when groups like the FPM provide political cover for Syria to continue assassinating and for Hizballah to keep preparing to take us to another war!

    Khalas enough on these idiots who shout and whine about principles they lost long ago!!!

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    The Syrians are killing eveyrone in Lebanon who is capable of uniting the people.

    All moderate, forward-looking, and well-liked politicians are being cut down by the Syrian regime's attack dogs!!

    And we can't protect ourselves because their allies in Lebanon keep our hands tied!!

  4. Arabic Coffee Pot7:18 PM

    FPM Forum Thread Intro:

    "What time did Mr. zahra knew about the death of MP ghanem? Who informed Zahra? By what method? to confirm the time? Why was Zahra so sure even before major news outlet could confirm the death of Ghanem?

    It is Pierre Gemayel scenario all over again"

    Can you believe these guys?

  5. Anonymous7:28 PM

    The heart of every human every where cry for Lebanon. Jester the idiot as long as you stick Israel in any of the Arab and Lebanese internal problems the Syrians and their agents will keep killing you all, one by one, five by five and if they like it will be 1000 by 1000. Stand up on your hind feet and if you can not do it by your self ask for help, like Bosnia. The decent people all over the world will hlp you. The SOB who can not do a thing when Israelis are flying over his toilet is enjoying killing you and you are talking about Israel, shame on you and the like of you.

  6. I think we are seeing part of the Syrian response to the Israeli attack on the Syrian ____ facility. Syrian Cowards!

    They don't have the guts to confront Israel -- so they attack the Lebanese to show their displeasure with those nations that would like to see real democratic progress in the mideast (US, Lebanon, Israel) and who would like to beat back Iranian encroachment.

  7. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Ghanem was rumoured to be a secret presidential candidate because everyone pretty much liked him. The Syrians will kill anybody who is capable of uniting the Lebanese because what they want is their crooked man in the Presidency, to keep getting them their money and keep HIzballah's guns!

  8. The Syrians are killing eveyrone in Lebanon who is capable of uniting the people.

    Is there no fallback plan of what to do in case there are more assassinations? BJ, don't you think publicizing such a plan could forestall future attempts?

  9. Let's not kid ourselves; we're at war. Whatever happens from then on in Lebanon is now part of a bigger game than any of us, than Lebanon, and maybe even than the Middle East.

    Sadly, in such "games", voices for reason like Tueni and Kassir, voices for moderation like Ghanem, and any other future potential like Pierre Gemayel are all considered expandable.

    What remains, on the local scene, are megalomaniac trouble makers like Aoun or Nasrallah, and "old war horses" like Geagea and Joumblat. When those puppets dance, others die...

  10. excellent coverage jad ...

    Tonight the aounist are claiming Antoine Ghanem was about to meet a tayyar deputy today to prepare a meeting btw Amine and Aoun.

    Seems now that initiative is over ...

  11. Anonymous11:03 PM

    to Jeha, when you write : "and "old war horses" like Geagea and Joumblat. "

    I really don't get why people always repeat these things....In case you missed a large part of the last 30 years in Lebanon...WE WERE at WAR.
    Horrible things happened..OF COURSE. Innocent people died, YES. But it's either kill or be killed. These people had to defend themselves and their communities. People change, mentallities change. We learn from our mistakes and move forward. It's a crime when after many years, you come back to a country with the same old mentallity to create problems and distability in our country...and all this so can can have what you want.....a freakin chair. Someone buy that old lunatic a freakin' chair!!!!

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments and my deep deep condolences to those who lost family or friends in this latest attack.

    I won't be putting up any analysis pieces any time soon so I'll recommend a couple of blogs that will more than make up for my recent derth in posting:

    Jeha's Nail and From Beirut to the Beltway.

    Quick heads up on important topics related to this assassination:

    Number of Anti-Syrian Parliamantarians still alive and needed to continue holding the Parliamentary majority and/or elect the next President through a simple majority

    The win-ability of Ghanem's district for the FPM and Syria's allies in any ensuing by-election. A powerful weapon to be used in Syria's mowing down of our Anti-Syrian Parliamentary majority, and Aoun's idiotic usefulness to that regime...time and time again!


    This is a terrible tragedy in a string of terrible tragedies perpetrated on any Lebanese striving for freedom and independence from the Syrian regime's murderous hold.

    We're fighting for our sovereignty through UN resolutions and an attempt at building a coherent political and social infrastructure, but for every step forward the Syrians and their allies in Lebanon seem intent on blowing us ten steps back.

    Antoine Ghanem is a martyr in that battle, a battle we'll keep fighting so that our kids and grandkids might live freely in their country.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Anon 16:03,

    Not sure what triggered your rocket... What bearing does what you're saying have on what I posted?

    Before you answer, switch to decaf...

  15. kheireddine3:05 PM

    Maybe the bomb was smuggled by Wahhab (ref your previous post)


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