Thursday, August 30, 2007

Terrorists - Online and Offline

I'm in a helluva rush this morning so I leave you with two items sure to make your stomach turn.

First, our francophone readers are encouraged to check out French Eagle's latest post in which he reveals some insider information on the battles inside Nahr el Bared. For those non-french readers, here is a translated quip from the post:
They left booby-trapped TVs and radios on, so that when soldiers went to turn them off, they would explode... They also played recordings of crying babies, which lured soldiers into buildings and rooms which would then be detonated.

What is riling the soldiers most these days, however, is the fact that some of the wives of militants - now evacuated - were themselves fighters alongside their husbands...they should be tried as accomplices and murderers alongside their husbands.
Our Arabic and English readers can check out another stomach turning piece now making the turns on news services and blogs, that of an online game depicting and encouraging an attack against our government house, the Saraya, and the murder of Lebanese troops, politicians, and citizens. It is a disgusting disgrace - and most surely a violation of the law. Revelation of the online game comes on the heals of Hizballah's release of the second edition of its computer game depicting attacks against Israeli troops. Is there a connection? Most likely.

Update 1:

Naharnet has just reported that
Prosecutor General Saeed Mirza on Thursday ordered police to launch an investigation into a video game about the storming of Premier Fouad Saniora's government compound and the killing of all the ministers.
The website quoted the Lebanese daily As-Safir which originally reported details surrounding the game. Ahead of reading the article I provided further commentary on the issue in this post's comments section.

Naharnet also provides its own commentary and correlations in the article:
The pro-opposition newspaper As-Safir carried an exclusive report on the game Wednesday noting that it was designed in France by a Lebanese citizen who was identified by the code name of Ziad al-Hajj.

The Hizbullah-led opposition has erected scores of tents in Beirut's Riyadh al-Solh square, a few meters off the government compound since Dec. 1 with the declared objective of toppling the Saniora government.

There has been a chain of rumors about alleged plans by the opposition to storm the government compound, fenced in bared wire and protected by tanks and three army and police battalions.

The game, according to as-Safir is made up of three chapters, the first centers on killing all the "militias" that guard the compound, in reference to the regular forces.

The second phase of the video battle starts in the lobby where attackers discover tunnels leading to the U.S. embassy in suburban awkar, 17 kilometers north of Beirut.

Hizbullah leader Sayed Hassan Nasralla has termed the Saniora government "The Feltman Cabinet" in reference to the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman, whom he accuses of controlling the March 14 Majority that backs the government.

Attackers also fight a battle with "militiamen" in the lobby who are allegedly supervised by Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and al-Moustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri, as well as Saniora himself.

The last and third chapter of the "game" involves the storming of the main hall where Saniora is presiding over a meeting of his cabinet and the killing of "all the traitors and thieves," in reference to the premiere and his ministers.

The game ends with the phrase: "Game over, congratulations" when the player succeeds in "liquidating" all those in the government compound, the report noted.

Hajj was quoted as saying he designed the game to "express the wishes of many Lebanese" in storming the government compound. "I gave them what they want."


  1. You say: Is there a connection? Most likely.

    I ask you: Halo 3 is also making its debut: Any connection?

    Please... please ...

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Yeah, Hizballah are the only people in Lebanon capable of producing online games.
    Is that a screeshot of the actual game? If so where is this game hosted and by whom? Lets have some facts please.

  3. If there were an alien invasion and there were some sort of World Organisation preparing to attack the aliens, then yeah maybe the release of a game like Halo 3 would be related to it.

    But what we have here is an organisation that has been preparing and threatening a total invasion of public spaces (and offices) and mass civil disobedience campaigns. All actions which turned violent very deadly and very violent back in January (23 & 25 were very related).

    We have an organisation which is heavily armed and which used its weapons to ignite a catastrophic war last summer and which is applying the same [b/s] "divine" language that it used in that confrontation against fellow Lebanese citizens and officials.

    [Just to recap you have the threat, the means, and the rhetoric for carrying out all the actions and objectives portrayed in the game.]

    Add to these the implicit encouragement of an attitude tolerance towards the assassination of these public figures, as exhibited by the handling of the Sawsan Darwiche affair, and you have a pretty strong indictment.

    Hizballah, are the only Lebanese anything to produce a first person shoot'em up computer game.

    Sure, it is possible that someone out there spent tens or hundreds of hours buliding levels and scenarios for attacking the Serail and killing ISF and M14 figures. But what is more likely is that the same people who everyday encourage these actions, who have called for these actions, and who are actively preparing for these actions (and who have just spent hundreds of hours releasing the exact same type of game as this one), have gone ahead and extended the work they've already done on their video game to the next thing on their mind...

  4. Anonymous8:05 PM

    So where is this game? Have you seen it? Lets compare production values etc. Lets see who hosts it. If it exists, lets investigate.

  5. Jimmy8:46 PM

    I googled it but couldn't find it. The Naharnet article says the gov't is investigating.

  6. Similar to the American Government funding millions in the development and FREE distribution of an online game called (America's Army, AA) which is still around I think Hezbullah has turned and done the same thing.
    Some fun facts (*Note to the reader, I have played AA for a year): In the Game, America's Army, you start out by downloading the game for free then you have to actually pass virtual physical, marksmenship, and leadership tests (which takes quite a while). These tests are just like the Army's Boot Camp in real life, the details of the game are quite realistic. After the training you head off to different missions fighting terrorists with other online games playing both as the army and as terrorists.
    The game was intended by the Army Corps. to introduce a young generation of gamers to an army lifestyle (which it did) and get them to enlist (which they did). A little comparison: Hizbullah's game, Special Force 2, insights civil unrest, public disobedience, a total disregard towads democracy, a clear intent of actions displayed against various other Lebanese factions (murder), and the genocide of the Lebanese Army and Servicemen. This is the salute Hizbullah gives to the Heroes dying in the north of my home country, this is the freedom which Hizbullah wants for Lebanon, and this is the spit on the face of every honest, law-abiding Lebanese citizen.
    Brainwashing? You tell me. Disgusting... I tell you.

  7. Anonymous10:55 PM

    It looks like you guys have some good technical skills as well, and knowing that some of you are hardcore gamers, it is is very much possible that one of you did it.

    so a game is out and it looks like some one spent lots of time to make it.

    who in his right mind would make a game that would put him as suspect number one, did any of you think that whoever made this game wanted each and everyone of you to attack hizbuallah the way you are doing now.

    the game has one simple goal in its making. is to get the split larger and larger between the brothers and sisters of the land called LEBANON.

    I hope one day your brains will grow and start talking reason instead of hatred and pointing fingures,,,,

    in Lebanon, it is Guilty until Proven inocent.... not the reverse.

  8. I'm sorry please contradict yourself some more. Who's pointing fingers? "knowing that some of you are hardcore gamers, it is is very much possible that one of you did it." Let me introduce my views: I am neutral, I am not with the opposition or with the opposition's opposition or whoever, whichever faction most Lebanese Identify themselves with. Further: Who in their right sense of mind would not attack Hizbullah about this disgusting piece of garbage which defaces the democracy of my home country? As a matter of fact: Who would defend Hizbullah's right of free will when free will does not even exist in their doctrine. Get off the podium son because you do not know what you are talking about and you really do not know who...what you are defending. While spliting the divide is of Hizbullah's main priorities I simply pointed out their others: brainwashing and insulting. Please buddy, chose your words more sensibly next time.

  9. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Hezbollah terrorists are many, and a number of them live in the west. They send money and donate their time to the cause of Hezbollah, which is to take over Lebanon and make it a Shiite theocracy modelled along the Iranian Ayatollah regime. As such, the Lebanese State represented by the Lebanese government is subjected to a fierce media blitz. This group effort by the Hezbollah terrorist engineers division is only the tip of the iceberg of what is being cooked for the rest of the Lebanese.

    Better wake up now before the Iranian backed terrorists take your home, rape your sister, and kick you out of your homeland.

    PS: What is the difference between Zionism and Hezbollah style Shiism? NOTHING

  10. Arabic Coffee Pot12:11 AM

    Hey Anonymous can't u read???

    Start by noticing that As Safir broke the story of this game...not a pro-gov't paper but a pro-Syrian one. Get it??

    Second, I'm if Hezbollah didn't make it then they're wishing they had!

    Bas it looks like they did because they had the game engine and everything ready already with their other games.

  11. Two facts;

    1- At first blush, this game has the same engine as the Hezb game. The Hezb game is itself based on a well documented engine. I think it is the Quake engine, and I understand they do not have a license for it.

    2- Al Safir is not pro-Syrian as much as left wing, and in this context it is opposed to US policies. That alignment is a coincidence as Syria's positions happen to coincide with some of theirs. There is another one which is pro-Syrian, Al-Diyar, but it is mainly because its editor is a gambling addict who's always looking for a "sponsor". For a true pro-Syrian paper, look at look at Al-Akhar, with is funded by Hezb.

  12. I have to wonder if the degree of outrage would be much higher had someone created a game where the player stormed Dahieh, fought the Hezbollah militias, found a tunnel to the Iranian embassy, and terminated Hassan Nassrallah.
    Food for thought...

    Oh wait. Last time someone made fun of Nassrallah on TV, his goons and followers tried to burn down Ashrafieh...Double standards much?

  13. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I find it ironic that guys (and girls), with an apparently high level of culture and analysis skills, fall for such stereotypes as: Iranian/Syrian/theocratic etc...

    I am not here to defend the game, neither back it for that matter, it would be a waste of time, just like playing the game itself.

    But what i would like to say is that it is time for each of us to carry his own analysis concerning the stereotypic ideas you all seem to talk about as if these were facts.

    you seem to talk about the game as if developing it would take a team of designers months to come up with it. whereas, provided the game platform, designing figures and stage layouts is a piece of cake for any graphic designer worthy of that name...


    More to come later...

    Flame suit on...

  14. Anonymous12:22 PM

    here is a link to the page that hosted the game. It is a cached copy of the page.

    The site was taken down.

  15. Jimmy3:44 PM

    Even if they didn't design it - which is highly doubtful - they encourage this type of thinking every minute of every day. Shoo hal patriots!

  16. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Why dont you all do the usual and blame Israel - one of the most computer minded societies, and the Jews and obviously the evil Zionists for developing this game. Oh yes, I forgot the Mosad and the USA ADL.

  17. Mohamad8:40 PM

    Dear Templar,

    It seems you did not get it.

    All I was trying to say is that we should not point fingures, did they or didn't they do it, is another story.

    Trying to unit with each other is what we should be doing.

    Hope I am making more sence to you now.


  18. Dear Lord, where is the good Blacksmith when you need him?

  19. Mohamad,

    At this stage of the "game", it is too late for objectivity; Hezb has painted itself in this corner. Much like Aoun in '90, it is now "victor of vanquished".

    What makes it worse is that, much like Aoun in '90, they are taking more enemies than they can handle. And their attitude is not making things any easier; perception becomes reality, especially among their enemies. Those who grudgingly respected them before now blame them for all the country's ills. If it was Martians who did this, Hezb will be blamed for this.

    More worryingly, they, and only they, will be held responsible for whatever happens to Siniora, or any M14 congressmen...

  20. Mohamad8:00 PM

    Dear Jeha,

    It is never too late, when there is a will there is a way.

    Truth be said, Assafir just pointed out that, Martyr Jmeiel was killed on the hands of Abbsi's group, and they were planning to kill the Patiriarc as well.. all of that to creat havoc and ethnic cleansing.

    So Syria was not involved nor the General in this one. although all fingers pointed to them at the time of death.

    So I keep hopeing that we can unit.



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