Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Poll: Vote For Your President!

Its been far too long I know, but nearly 3 months since the last Blacksmiths of Lebanon poll here is the next installment of our Presidential Elections 2007 poll series pitting the country's top contenders for the seat in a head to head battle determined by our readers.

Missing from the list are the names of two candidates, Chibli Mallat and Paul Fares, who have declared their intention to run for the seat but who have very little realistic chance of actually succeeding. If Vizu had allowed it we would've put their names up anyway, unfortunately though, we only had room for 10 contenders.

Included in the list are the names of two candidates, Riad Salameh and Michel Suleiman, who are constitutionally barred from holding the office. Here again realities on the ground have dictated the character of this poll (and this election) and opened up a route to the Presidency for both men. A route decorated with words such as 'amendment' and 'salvation'.

So whether you love'em or hate'em, vote on'em!! The poll is readily accessible on the right sidebar.

Let us know why you voted the way you did, along with any other comments or complaints, in this post's comments section.

On an administrative note, readers will find that our weekly poll section has now become our bi-weekly poll section. Thats just a reflection of my free time these days. Results on the last poll, which dealt with the deployment of international monitors on our borders, are accessible here, and a post on the topic will come up sometime in the future.


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    PAUL FARES, too bad he is not well known.
    He has a good, well established, serious program.
    He proposed federalism which i think is the solution for lebanon and a confederation for all arab countrys.
    At least, people will start talking about federalism!

  2. Arabic Coffee Pot8:38 PM


    No to amendment (Suleiman & Salameh)

    No to Syrian lackeys (Boueiz & Obeid)

    No to wheeler-dealers (Gemayel & Harb)

    No to the chemically unbalanced (Aoun)

    Take your pick from the rest!

  3. Yehey! Go Lahoud!!!

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Anything but Aoun!!!

  5. Hi Guys,

    Its been a week now since the poll went up and we've gotten 106 votes (which is great)! The poll will be up for another week before we announce the winner and perhaps give a breakdown of the voting by global region (let us know if you'd be interested in that!)

    In the meantime, here are the results with 106 votes and 1 week of voting:

    Nassib Lahoud: 33%
    Michel Aoun: 18.9%
    Charles Rizk: 12.3%
    Amine Gemayel: 9.4%
    "None of the Above": 9.4%
    Butros Harb: 7.5%
    Michel Suleiman: 2.8%
    Jean Obeid: 2.8%
    Riad Salameh: 1.9%
    Fares Boueiz: 1.9%

  6. Interesting results. Not at all what I expected. I certainly did not expect Nassib Lahoud to be in the lead, nor did I expect Der General to be in second place.

    It really would be interesting to have Lebanon elect our president through a popular vote. Although that is a strictly academic exercise at this point.

  7. With respect to the popular elections, maybe one day BV...maybe one day...but by the looks of it, it won't be any day soon!

    Yeah, what honestly surprised me was Charles Rizk's performance (and the fact that Fares Boueiz got like 3 votes - too many!!).

    Nassib's performance surprised me the first time we did this poll (look it up in the Pres. Elect 07 label), especially against other like Butros Harb - but hey, I'd rather have him as the front runner than most of the other douches.

  8. Jimmy2:41 PM

    Now its official, Boutros Harb is running for prez


    What do you think?

  10. Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the delay in putting up the post for this poll - now closed - but what can I say...there is a universe outside the blogosphere that needs contending with!

    In any case I'll get on it asap and try to have a new poll up soon as well.

    As for (­...)'s comment: GREAT!! To have a link to a political platform.

    If anyone else has links please feel free to post them in this comments section and we'll make a post out of them. I know Aoun has/had a powerpoint presentation somewhere, and Nassib Lahoud heads a party with a they should have something up no? For Butros Harb I've found a youtube video...and thats about it. If anyone has links to any and all of these please feel free to post them here!


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