Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hizballah's Cross-Border Act

If you're wondering why it was so important for Hizballah and its supporters in Windsor, Ontario (Canada), to show how devoted they are to the organization, take a look at what took place across the river in nearby Dearborn, Michigan (U.S.A), where a "charitable" organisation accused of channeling financial support to several terrorist organizations primary among them Hizballah, but also including Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was raided and shut down by federal agents.

And while Hizballah supporters on both sides of the river gathered to celebrate the Lebanese government-negotiated end of the war Hizballah started, it is with the view of once again resisting American and Zionist plans - not just in the Middle East but in Canada as well (sarcasm) - that Hizballah's advocates in Windsor have rallied.
He [Hussein Dabaja, a Lebanese-born Hezbollah supporter] said several of Windsor's Lebanese citizens will do what it takes to keep the sign up, short of violence.

"The whole community is not going to let anybody take it down," said Mr. Dabaja. "It's going to stay up until the last minute. If someone comes to take it down, they're ready to fight for it, to protect it to be up there. We're not trying to offend anybody."
Of course, far be it from me to tell Mr. Dabaja how he should be using the freedoms of speech and action he obviously cherishes so much from his home along the shores of Lake Eerie. But it does seem slightly hypocritical of Mr. Dabaja to be promoting an organisation continuously engaged in an open subversion of the Lebanese state and its institutions, while all the while enjoying the freedoms accorded by such institutions, in another state (Canada). Perhaps Mr. Dabaja needs to be reminded of just some of the activities in which Hizballah is involved in his homeland, including the placement of severe retrictions on the freedoms of the press, participation in an attempted coup against a democratically elected government, involvement in illegal weapons smuggling and sales, and a bevy of other charges (including rumoured summary executions of Lebanese citizens).

Finally, no Hizballah effort would be quite complete without a reference to the "divinity" of the group and its leader
"They keep talking about Nasrallah" said Mr. Dabaja. "Nasrallah for us is a red light. It is like saying Jesus is bad."
On a day meant to celebrate the end of the monstrous devastation unleashed on the country, and especially on the residents of Lebanon's South, perhaps Mr Dabaja and all those sharing in his skewed vision would do better to recognize the sanctity of human life as a whole, instead of that of the man who delivered that devastation. A human sanctity Mr Dabaja's (very "undivine") leader gleefully disregarded in his pursuit of war, and in his ready diligence to the carry out masters' orders from Tehran.


  1. I find it very humorous that the Aounists are totally bent out of shape that Nasrallah's head was bigger than Aouns, and Narrallah was center with Aoun depicted as the satellite he in fact is. This whole poster has also gone over very poorly in Canada, and FPM orangettes are taking the heat. Not many orange tee-shirts to be seen, and the orangettes have just been slapped in the face with their alliance to a Terrorist organization and Canada's disapproval.

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a country where one side wasn't trying to wage Iran's wars?

    Why can't we just be left in piece?


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