Thursday, August 09, 2007

Geographical Distribution of the Lebanese Diaspora

I found this little graphic on a recently refurbished website for the World Council for Cedars Revolution. For the most part, the template is similar to that used on another site catering to the diaspora at large, differing somewhat in content, however, with divergences mirroring those between the FPM and the rest of the Cedar Revolution's body-politic.


  1. reality check8:47 PM

    These figures make no sense whatsoever. There is only 1 million Lebanese with Lebanese nationality abroad! Many of whom we never see back to vote on election days...

  2. Jimmy8:51 PM

    I think the numbers pertain to those who can (and did) trace their ancestry back to Lebanon.

    I remember reading somewhere that the numbers pertaining to Brazil go back something like 3 or 4 generations.

  3. 240K in Mexico, yeah right! Maybe in 1943 LOL

  4. This doesnt make sense.
    Only 220K in the Arab World?
    Only 250K in France?

    I would think a LOT more in those two areas.

  5. whywesteppin12:15 AM

    The number of people who can trace any portion of their ancestry back to Lebanon is going to be large, but how about if we limit it to the number of citizens who are living abroad? And how many could claim citizenship based on their father being a citizen?

    I would guess the numbers for the two would roughly be 2-4 million and 5-15 million, respectively.

  6. Agreed. It's of no use to go over who can claim what ancestry.
    It's a lot more to the point to tally, for instance, current citizens, or those eligible to vote. That has an actual impact on things.

  7. ...well at least we've gotten a nice dialogue going about the diaspora.

    It would be interesting to have Foreign Ministry statistics for the number of Lebanese citizens outside the country published every once in a while... is, after all, the Ministry of Foreign and Emigrant Affairs (my translation of Wizarat al Kharijiah w'al Moughtaribeen).

    Oh and yeah, there are some definite discrepancies.


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