Friday, July 06, 2007

"Ya Kan" Be Arrested for Possession of Weapons

Remember Fathi Yakan? The brilliant Sunni luminary who was dispatched by the Syrians back in December to lend a Sunni voice to the Hizballah-led protests downtown, the wise scholar who met with Syrian officials in Damascus ahead of the fighting in Nahr el Bared, and who falsely claimed he was mediating on behalf of the Lebanese Army - both in Damascus and in Nahr el Bared - for an end to the fighting? The very same Sheikh who has openly acknowledged his links with both Islamist insurgents and the Assad regime?

Well if you do remember him you might be surprised to learn that his apartment, along with several others belonging to suspected militant extremists, was raided by State Security agents who uncovered weapons and ammos caches at the Sheikh's apartment. The raid took place in the Abi Samra district of the city of Tripoli which witnessed violent clashes two weeks ago when Lebanese Army units moved in to confiscate another weapons and ammo cache.

Which reminds me, where was the Sheikh himself while all this was taking place and why hasn't he been arrested? Most likely he's either in Syria itself, or in one of a number of security pockets (be it in the camps or in a Hizballah stronghold) established - or preserved - by the Syrians since they took over the country in 1990 - and which have been safeguarded by their allies since they left in 2005. But what do I know.


...and in other news, Syria invaded part of Lebanon the other day. No worry, its an area almost equivalent in size to the Shebaa Farms. And where Israel's holding of 3 Lebanese prisoners was enough to cause Hizballah to launch a war resulting in 1200 Lebanese deaths, Syria's continued illegal incarceration of over 250 Lebanese citizens should therefore trigger a massive retaliation by the group. No I'm not worried, the brave resistance will save the day.

On a less ridiculously sarcastic note, Syria's mini-invasion might have had something to do with the government's decision to deploy 300 ISF troops to the border in a bid to get some personnel there who might at least report Syria's weapon smuggling when they see it. And much weapons smuggling there is as Syria arms its bands of fighters in the country ahead of the next phase of attacks and disruptions. The aim of this next phase, as with all the other phases, will be to bring down the government and remove Lebanon from the international protective sphere which has sought to build defenses against Syria's violent disruptions in the country.

But at least Syrian students won't be affected by the next bout of fighting those 'disruptions', or for the fun of it lets call them coup attempt, will bring.


  1. kheireddine8:12 PM

    Weapons have been seazed from his appratement but there is nothing saying that he got arrested. In any case the statement from his office is hilarious:

    'Yakan's office, however, issued a statement Friday saying the apartment had not been used by the cleric for more than seven years, and added that reports of finding machine guns and grenades were exaggerated and false. "It is possible that the apartment had some old, leftover ammunition," the statement said. It did not elaborate.'

  2. Yeah he hasn't been arrested yet as far as I know...

    ...which makes it all even more ridiculous!

  3. He's right now on Aljazeera spewing poison..

  4. Belgian Waffle1:40 PM

    Let's just have early elections and get it over with. In most countries of the world early elections would have taken place already. That's what happens when you have a sizeable opposition.

    Bala Lahoud bala 3al 2alb.

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    What? What kind of logic is that??? A guy is found with weapons, lets bring down the government and the majority!!

  6. kheireddine8:56 AM

    I have a video that might apply to Yakan's possible arrest:

  7. Anonymous9:08 PM

    oh no, weapons were found inside someone's house!!! stop the presses.

    this could apply to 99% of lebanese houses.


  8. kheireddine11:07 PM

    To be seized, it must be more than the ususal AK47...and thank you for the compliment,anonymous. At least we are not thugs & criminals like Yakan's islamists.

  9. Anonymous2:41 AM

    "To be seized, it must be more than the ususal AK47"

    not really, not if someone is trying to score political points

  10. Arabic Coffee Pot5:45 AM

    Yeah bravo anonydouche, fellow douche Yakan has some mortars, machine guns, night vision goggles, on-running contacts with Syrian intelligence and terror cells in the country...

    ...and yeah its no biggy.

    Enjoy living in ur fantasy world

  11. Anonymous5:10 PM

    wow, they found a box of terror cells in his apartment too!?

    go to any house in zgharta and you will find all that stuff inside.

  12. Anonymous3:21 PM

    hey Arabic Coffee, your obviouse love of the word "douche" apart, you could take your description and apply it a number of goons in the country, except in some cases you would have to replace syrian intelligence for American intelligence (that still racks me up) or Israeli intelligence.

    Or in your non-fantasy world is the only one in the country?

  13. True Blue4:35 PM

    Anonymous: why can't you condemn this one thing...why can't you say: yeah fathi z**bri should be arrested?


  14. JohnJohn12:30 AM

    "Syria's continued illegal incarceration of over 250 Lebanese citizens"

    There are over 20,000 still missing Lebanese (due to the Syrian occupation), not known if they are still alive in Syrian dungeons or in mass burials done by the 'shakika' army.

    Let it be known

  15. True Blue10:34 PM

    do you have a source johnjohn?


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