Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pictures: Nahr el Bared Heats Up!

Another four Lebanese Army soldiers lost their lives today as they battled Syrian-linked terrorists in (what remains of) the Nahr el Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon. Sources in Lebanon revealed that the military operation against the terrorists (now in its 54th day) was due to come to an end in the coming days...

...our thoughts and prayers go out to the soldiers and their families.

The nation salutes you.

Images as seen on Yahoo!News


  1. what the?

    can you tell us a bit about your personal experiences as individuals across our border..

    need to put aside the veil for a moment.. i want to know what s going on and cant seem to get a picture..

  2. I think I have the video for you Lirun...

    ...I'll put it up soon.

    In the mean time, what exactly did you want to know?

  3. M. Mjaddara8:23 PM

    You forgot to mention the Palestinian civilians getting killed in your thoughts and prayers.

  4. Arabic Coffee Pot5:13 PM

    Maybe you forgot, Mjaddara, that the Lebanese Army, Government, and Red Cross, went to great pains to evacuate the Palestinian refugees that allowed these terrorists to take root - even incurring casualties solely in that effort.

    The Army didn't go in until they had evacuated all the civilians. Maybe you should concentrate on the news instead of on your favorite meal before you open your mouth!


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