Monday, July 16, 2007

Breaking News: Another Bomb Targets UNIFIL

The bomb struck the convoy as it was driving through the village of Qassimiyeh near the southern port city of Tyre...


A roadside bomb targeted a UNIFIL patrol on Qassmiyeh bridge near the southern port city of Tyre on Monday, the second such attack on the peacekeeping force in less than a month.

UNIFIL spokeswoman Yasmina Bouziane confirmed the attack on the vehicle belonging to the Tanzanian contingent. She said no casualties were reported in the blast...

NOW Lebanon:

Security sources said an estimated 200 grs. of TNT connected to a timer exploded when two soldiers of the Tanzanian Military Police left their vehicle. Their Patrol convoy was passing near a permanent checkpoint of the UNIFIL.

This explosion comes a day after the French Minister of Defense Herve Morin’s visit to the French division in the UNIFIL. During his visit Morin stressed on the reinforcement of protection measures for the French troops.


You don't need to have been following the situation in Lebanon for long to realize what is happening...

...France hosted a meeting in Paris to try and bring the Lebanese side together in agreement (pretending as if one side doesn't take its orders from Damascus and Tehran).

The discussions were an attempt to bring some of those parties in the pro-Syrian opposition out from under the Syrian wing and engage them as Lebanese players. In short, it was an attempt at progress on the Lebanese front while sidelining Syria.

So Syria responded in typical fashion (terror) and reminded the Europeans that if they try to sideline it, it will kill their troops.

The question is, will the Europeans allow themselves to be threatened, intimidated, and muscled by the B-level thugs in Damascus or will be stand up for themselves?

Images as seen on Yahoo!News


  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    If it's the Europeans I say they will NOT stand up. This is the age of (snicker) diplomacy. The fact that it never works doesn't seem to bother them.

  2. And the European answer followed swiftly...

    ...Click Me!

  3. Don Cox3:57 PM

    Tanzania isn't in Europe.

  4. Don Cox10:26 PM

    Or, to spell it out, UNifil is a United Nations force, not a European force.


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