Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ad-Diyar Spills the Beans...

The Lebanese daily Ad-Diyar revealed today the circulation of an initiative by the country's pro-Syrian speaker of Parliament for the "election" of Army Commander Michel Suleiman as President of the Republic. Suleiman would be mandated for half the regular Presidential term and would oversee new Parliamentary elections, according to the paper.

The replacement of Lahoud, himself a former Army Commander and predecessor to Suleiman, with Suleiman has been the Syrian plan all along. It is a plan we've blogged about repeatedly (back in January, and twice this month), and it is a plan that would rob the country of any progress in advancing towards establishing viable defenses against the continued subversion Syria and its allies are conducting in Lebanon. In short, Suleiman's election would be two-steps backwards to the standstill that Syria's allies have forced on the leap to sovereignty embodied in the Cedar Revolution.

The Syrians will use every opportunity to create the circumstances needed to allow their candidate to come into power, whether it will be through some massive Nahr el Bared-like insurgency, continued bombings and assassinations, or the precipitation of civil strife by its allies, the Syrians will create the national catastrophe from which their 'salvation' candidate will save us.

And if, by chance, a President not clear and certain in his convictions to Syria were to emerge, he can most likely expect to look forward to an early retirement along the same lines his neutral or anti-Syrian predecessors have left office in the past, on the back side of an explosion...

...Of course, Aoun will always be ready to jump in and take their place, as long as its constitutional of course!

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