Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Voice that Awoke a City and United a Country

While the body of yet another Member of Lebanon’s Parliament, and proponent of Lebanon’s freedom, is laid to rest, the voice of Walid Eido will carry on, bringing forth Lebanon’s new dawn and awakening those who have closed their eyes to the reality of our struggle in order to return to their subservient sleep.

His was the voice that awoke Beirut to the reality of the poison running through its veins and arteries, a poison that struck at the heart of the city on February 14th, 2005. His was the voice that sounded the rallying call that brought forth the country’s masses from the cities, the mountains, the valleys, and the coast. A man of small physical stature, his spirit looms large over the masses of the Cedar Revolution, over those whose voices have been added to the chorus he started. Before Saad, Saniora, and Fatfat, came Eido, carrying the flag of independence, and leading the charge to sovereignty.

In the wake of the remarkable changes this country continuous to undertake since the launch of the Cedar Revolution, it is easy for us to forget the conditions under which the country’s citizens and politicians lived and operated; to forget the psychological prisons into which our oppressors sought to lock us; to forget the whispers which were replaced with shouts, screams and chants; to forget the checkpoints, land confiscations, wiretaps, and open threats with which a very real occupation was enforced. That was the environment which Eido overcame to sound out the call to all Lebanese to stand up together and Resist Syria; to hold it, finally and ultimately, accountable for the injustices it sought to perpetrate on this nation of the brave and the strong.

Walid Eido will forever be remembered for his bravery, for being the first man to sound out the call of Enough!, for extending his hand to all Lebanese and bringing them together in a revolution of the street, and a liberation of the land and the mind.

His body will be missed, but his voice will always ring loud and true.


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Really nice post Blacksmith Jade.
    May he and all the martyrs rest in peace.

  2. fubar1:54 AM

    You are a good and decent man, BJ. While everyone else is focused solely on the fact of the assassination, and either giving armchair quarterback advice to M14 or berating M14, you honor the man who gave his life. Well done.

  3. Very well done and I echo the remarks of those before me. My tears fell again for Lebanon and for all those who gave their lives for freedom and those who don't understand what freedom is.

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  5. Good post, BJ, honouring the dead in true Lebanese style. We all have our faults, and Walid Eido had a few, but none could fault him for his courage; like the other victims, he had that rare courage to go on in the face of overwhelming odds.

    May they all rest in peace, and may their deaths be avenged.

  6. valiumjunky3:26 PM

    Thank you BJ.

  7. Are you kidding me??


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